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Any sugestions of things to do? (Archived)Kapuxa611/15 8:12AM
Destiny Knot? (Archived)sniper_zero911/15 8:11AM
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Could anyone link me the page of daily events/post game activities please? (Archived)jd_walker411/15 7:58AM
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has anyone with 2 games and 3ds's attempted to wonder trade with themselves? (Archived)wingblade98911/15 7:55AM
Did the happiness aquisition rate rise??? (Archived)Holy_Oblivion811/15 7:53AM
A part of me wants to play the prior gen again (Archived)
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TowerBooks31921811/15 7:50AM
I'm EV training about 10 pokemon today. (Archived)immrsmith611/15 7:44AM
Where does the Looker sidequest begin? (Archived)M-Watcher511/15 7:42AM
I've done it....I'VE FINALLY DONE IT!!! (Archived)
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MasterSpectrobe3611/15 7:41AM
People have good luck... (Archived)
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besty1111111/15 7:31AM
Will I have to backtrack to obtain older Gens legendaries and completing pokedex (Archived)Rudebwoy_X1011/15 7:29AM
Pokemon League. (Archived)Nate545611/15 7:27AM
Help complementing my BlissSkarmGlis core? (Archived)cpthurme511/15 7:26AM
Can anyone help me out by telling me where on Route 13 the Flame Plate is? (Archived)illusivedude211/15 7:25AM
recommended nature and EV's for klefki? (Archived)Oreos74711/15 7:19AM
Anyone want a new shadow pokemon game for wii u (Archived)
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Megamanxlegends1211/15 7:10AM
Best pokemon catcher? (Archived)
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Legionnaire761111/15 7:09AM