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mr mime+loudred. (Archived)
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loffter1312/5 4:17PM
Dragon Pulse on Mega Blastoise? (Archived)Shigmiya64412/5 4:17PM
YRW: Pokemon now have all of their abilities instead of just one (Archived)
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SorceressTharja3412/5 4:14PM
Chain breeding for IVs help. (Archived)John_Dory312/5 4:12PM
Chansey or Blissey? (Archived)vinhamon212/5 4:05PM
So, I'm doing the Battle Maison and am leading with a Fairy-type. (Archived)Solar_Crimson712/5 3:58PM
What pokemon character would be the best president? (Archived)MagneticSpark312/5 3:50PM
Altaria viable as a phys wall? (Archived)Azure_Flame712/5 3:45PM
idle players (Archived)GollyFluff212/5 3:28PM
my sv (Archived)canroman212/5 3:28PM
i'm not great with EVs and stuff but i have pokerus (looking for help) (Archived)thetruesora212/5 3:13PM
I was looking through my Normal FS for a Ditto, but the first thing I find is... (Archived)DeathChaos25112/5 3:10PM
How do you develop a team that counters everything? (Archived)
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Exaetellus1312/5 3:09PM
Where do I find an EV reset bag? (Archived)blastoise75912/5 3:09PM
I got so many great things from Zubat Swarm (Archived)Companion_Cube_712/5 2:49PM
Who uses thier favourite pokemon (although it is not that strong)? (Archived)
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aydosv1212/5 2:39PM
Every Gym Leader, Elite Four, Rival, Villain, and Champion has a Mega Pokemon... (Archived)
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SazukeEX1112/5 2:34PM
shiny fossils? (Archived)Taylorcool512/5 2:32PM
Zygarde... Possible spoilers. (Archived)
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Manick1234412/5 2:31PM
I want some help because I suck at Battle Maison. (Archived)Safer_777612/5 2:29PM