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Why in the sweet hell can Roselia learn Dazzling Gleam... (Archived)
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Now that I've seen the Gen V models in 3D.. (Archived)
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Z vs. X2 & Y2 (Poll)
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Isiah Zombie2012/12/2013
So, I restarted and need team help. (Archived)
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12/12/13 Shiny Froakie Cometh (info) (Archived)TurboAE86612/12/2013
What is Reshiram supposed to be? (Archived)sunxenxyden512/12/2013
Gen 6 Pokemon Tournament: Day 53 - Goodra vs. Trevenant (Poll)
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Shiny Locked (Archived)ThretZ612/12/2013
Is there any Pokemon with servicable def that i can stick baton pass and (Archived)
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This Gen's friends were absolutely useless (Archived)
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Need help on team. (Still need a couple or switch a couple) (Archived)XNo_FearX412/12/2013
IVs for Mixed Attackers? (Archived)deoxyscyclone912/12/2013
pokemon X has stolen all my shiny mojo... (Archived)wolfwing612/12/2013
Who needs offensive pokemon? (Archived)
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Considering the Gale Wings Ability, what is the best EV Spread for Talonflame? (Archived)jd_walker812/12/2013
so, crit kingdta has been possible since gen 4... (Archived)lloyd0117512/12/2013
Question, stat decrease and multiple stat increase, how does that work? (Archived)legendrider412/12/2013
Why is Ledian so useless? (Archived)
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Mega Arceus (Archived)Solar_Crimson512/12/2013
Fossil question (safety spoilers) (Archived)Awesomely Awesome AJ412/12/2013