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ImOver90001611/27 10:23PM
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How can I get Charizardite X? *i guess spoilers* (Archived)
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PhilBrooksTNF1311/27 10:17PM
So I finally got a 5 IV Ditto... (Archived)
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J_Applei6411/27 10:11PM
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So, what is Tentacool's preferred aphrodisiac? (Archived)
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ShadowMaster6842611/27 10:00PM
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I thought Pokerus lasted forever if the Pokemon was in the PC/Daycare? (Archived)EnvoyofunoII411/27 9:43PM
Is it just me or is trading almost impossible now (Archived)
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darthmoose871311/27 9:40PM
What is Instacheck and how do I get it (Archived)mattazone511/27 9:38PM