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pokeradar and synchronize (Archived)majorme103412/11/2013
My God Lumiose City is incredibly frustrating to navigate (Archived)
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How to use Smeargle? (Archived)thiaguinhohp412/11/2013
low level blissey?! (Archived)DrSmiley72912/11/2013
stars??? (Archived)DrSmiley72512/11/2013
PP Up/Max in Super Training? (Archived)FarmerGeddon512/11/2013
What's a good substitute for Hidden Power Ice on Jolteon?? (Archived)
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How viable is guard swap mega medicham? (Archived)Frostheat_22112/11/2013
Favorite Pokemon town song????? (Archived)bi0hazardxox812/11/2013
If the Johto region was the first and Kanto third, would happened if it did? (Archived)moneyman82812/11/2013
dying man in anister city en the old women who is waiting for someone (Archived)csnorlax312/11/2013
Rate my team, please? (Archived)ReachOutToTruth412/11/2013
Good Battle Maison Team for 50+ that isn't Traunt Durant? (Archived)SorrySleeping112/11/2013
Archeops (Archived)
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In case you want a map of every Pokemon location (Archived)bi0hazardxox112/11/2013
Question about Rotom-W (Archived)Bugorchestra912/11/2013
will cloning with a 3ds and 2ds work? (Archived)
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I'm starting to think that Masuda Method breeding is just a Placebo (Archived)DeathChaos25512/11/2013
So there's a shiny geodude in this horde RIGHT NOW (Archived)
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Delete Rotom GF (Archived)
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