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Starting an Egglocke (Archived)
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jcarl19902811/26 2:51PM
Charizard X, Adamant or Jolly? (Archived)Plasma EXE911/26 2:50PM
Ralts with telepathy? (Archived)fluffigboll311/26 2:46PM
Perfect IV Question (Archived)billy_brantley1011/26 2:41PM
GTS was such a wonderful idea. (Archived)
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LUlGI1411/26 2:40PM
why is it always naive for mixed? (Archived)drlolimaster611/26 2:37PM
Proud of this battle, despite my loss [code inside] (Archived)Twilite_shards511/26 2:36PM
Ash's Mega speculations (Archived)
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Falchionne2811/26 2:29PM
EVs on physical Honedge (Archived)
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Meb3emz1411/26 2:28PM
Suddenly, mega garchomp doesn't seem that great anymore (Archived)
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X Slayer007 X1711/26 2:27PM
Arcanine vs. Excadrill (Archived)SuperDeevo811/26 2:27PM
Looks like PGL is back up after its extended maintenance (Archived)GilgameshSwords211/26 2:21PM
How the hell do so many people have ridiculous amounts of shinies? (Archived)Godstriker8911/26 2:20PM
So i Traded an Aegislash for a Master Ball the other day and now i feel bad (Archived)giants9281411/26 2:17PM
Rate my idea out of 10: moves that get temporarily learned upon Mega-evolution (Poll)
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-Unowninator-1311/26 2:17PM
Wow check out! (Archived)
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Szpytek234611/26 2:14PM
Rate my doubles team (Archived)Jaricko1011/26 2:13PM
Time you raged the most in Pokemon? (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman3011/26 2:08PM
Has anyone tried breeding Happy Hour Smeargles to see who gets it as an egg move (Archived)ninja_bacon311/26 2:08PM
Recommend pokemon for my odd ground/steel team (Archived)Aarosmashguy27511/26 2:05PM