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According to the Masuda Method, breeding shinies is easier. (Archived)
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MMKirby3211/27 12:30AM
Mega Kangaskhan Adamant or Jolly? (Archived)
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Tips to counter mega kanghaskhan? (Archived)
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ChaosCreativity1611/27 12:13AM
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360pages1111/27 12:11AM
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Creepiest or Scariest pokemon? (Archived)
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TheAquaman8031911/27 12:05AM
I want to play competitively but I just don't have the time to raise good Pkmn (Archived)
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XxOblivion771911/27 12:03AM
Egglocked - Pack #3 - Vote and suggest your nickname! (Poll)
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Quiet_Noise1511/26 11:44PM