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Focus Sash Greninja is hilarious (Archived)
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SazukeEX1612/4 10:58PM
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So what is the fastest way to properly EV train your Pokemon team? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe2312/4 10:51PM
Stunfisk Worship and Appreciation topic!! (Archived)
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Thepenguinking21212/4 10:51PM
azurill or azumarill (Archived)vimarjr312/4 10:45PM
Any joke Pokemon you sent out for Operation Zubat Storm? (Archived)ILiekFroakiez312/4 10:42PM
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New to Doubles format, need help building a team (Archived)Dancouga_Nova512/4 10:27PM
How do you build an aegislash? (Archived)
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calvin_01612/4 10:26PM
How do you counter a Mega Garchomp... (Archived)
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J_Applei3512/4 10:26PM
Insta-catch bug? (Archived)WolfyBYD912/4 10:24PM
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Mega blastoise or venasaur? (Archived)NovaCast312/4 10:21PM
Shiny Pokemon Question (Archived)MoreSkillz1012/4 10:19PM
How many perfect/flawless pokemon have you obtained so far? (Archived)
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Atom722812/4 10:17PM
Just bred a perfect MALE Ralts (Archived)
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TheFAQKing2412/4 10:16PM
Why do people not use any Speed IVs for Togekiss... (Archived)
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SazukeEX1312/4 10:16PM
can someone check my Shiny Value?? (Archived)mrraiders76412/4 10:16PM
Can't find HA nidorans in hordes - Help please (Archived)silverarc01712/4 10:16PM