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C/D: Black / White / 2 should have been saved for the 3DS (Poll)Doctor_Spanky512/12/2013
YR: The Ruby/Sapphire remakes don't feature character customization. (Archived)
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More fun with stuff and battling.. (Archived)TG_Wolf112/12/2013
Celebi's theoritical Grass/Fairy is not all pink and rosy. (Archived)Chenmaster2512/12/2013
I don't care about Pokemon Z, I want RSE remakes before that. (Archived)
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Most trouble you've gone through breeding in prep for PokeBank? (Archived)DigiDude77912/12/2013
they should make RSE remakes (Archived)Doctor_Spanky312/12/2013
New Clue Towards Ruby Remakes (Archived)ZombieTJ101812/11/2013
Day 6: Favorite of these Pokemon (Poll)
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Finding hidden ability when friend not completed the game (Archived)Mouseke512/11/2013
What's good pokemon that would look good in Kurt's balls? (Archived)Chenmaster2512/11/2013
Perfect example of a rage quitter LOL (Archived)NaruJoe212/11/2013
Does Huge Power's Japanese name have anything to do with rabbits? (Archived)
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So is there a trick to getting IVs in Gen 5 and below or what (Archived)metalboomario512/11/2013
Item for Scolipede? (Archived)
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The best thing Fairy type brought wasn't balance... but Valerie and her girls!! (Archived)
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Haha, nice try, guy. (Archived)
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Talonflame needs help (Archived)
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Elektross coil IS useful lol (Archived)NaruJoe412/11/2013
I named my Hawlucha Sin Cara (Archived)Turbam512/11/2013