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Does Glare work on ghost types. (Archived)GloryChaos311/28 7:18PM
Whats the best nature for Hydreigon? (Archived)
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RonCarrProject1611/28 7:15PM
Hardest champion (in your opinion)? (Poll)
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DamorahTalset2911/28 7:15PM
Rate this Fake Move & Status ailment: Virus Upload and Virus (Archived)Solar_Crimson511/28 7:14PM
Is the Rated Battles service not working for anyone else? (Archived)J_Applei711/28 7:09PM
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Can Genderless Pokemon Pass Down Abilities Through Breeding (Archived)oJyrow611/28 7:06PM
Does Bisharp benefit much from speed EVs? (Archived)Souretsu511/28 7:02PM
Will this cause a Pokemon to disobey you? (Archived)Joelsoh811/28 7:01PM
Friggin' RNG. (Archived)
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vermillion7191711/28 6:59PM
Breeding problems (Archived)kamikazeman41411/28 6:57PM
aqua tail on haxorus (Archived)dierave311/28 6:51PM
So is Hoopa the pixie of this gen ? (Archived)
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KwonJigglypuff1811/28 6:49PM
I love it when my opponent ragequits. (Archived)CakeOfLies411/28 6:48PM
I got my Oval Charam by telling Sycamore about the Mountain Kalos pokedex. (Archived)PsychologistPhD211/28 6:45PM
Question About EV Training? (Archived)phonicphoenix511/28 6:40PM
Who will pay for pokebank? (Archived)
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blazenwhiper3411/28 6:39PM
Doesn't the fact that we got the Adamant, Lustrous and Griseuos Orbs mean that.. (Archived)iRaithYou611/28 6:38PM
Two parents, each with 31 in 5 IVs... (Archived)
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Ghetsis1111/28 6:36PM
I assume Flame Orb does not burn Fire type Pokemon (Archived)cgreenw811/28 6:33PM