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Sandile + Aegislash = Sandslash (Archived)
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Safari_Dude1311/13 1:25PM
I just caught a Full HP Yveltal with a Pokeball at the start of the battle. AMA. (Archived)DeathChaos251011/13 1:24PM
[Help] Shiny Team for Battle Maison (Archived)RedMadFalcon311/13 1:22PM
Rate my Pokemon Y battle team (still in progress) (Archived)Flamer_Blue311/13 1:16PM
You know what would be nice? A Hard Mode. (Archived)
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hikaru_beoulve1211/13 1:13PM
Wish me luck. (Archived)ChicagoTed_211/13 1:09PM
Accidentally traded lucky egg, help? (Archived)KYJelliott811/13 1:07PM
pff, if smogon really banned blaziken (and deoxys-n) (Archived)MrFingers07211/13 1:07PM
When bank comes out I plan on using hacked mons to speed up the breeding process (Archived)
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CarefreeDude3611/13 1:07PM
imma tell you why smogon has quick banned blaziken instead of given it a test (Archived)MartinBrodeur211/13 12:59PM
You know what move sucks? (Archived)
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Nealuchi_raven1911/13 12:55PM
Does any NPC in this game's story have AT LEAST 4 freaking Pokemons!? (Spoilers) (Archived)
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DeathChaos251311/13 12:53PM
Where to find Lickitung? (Archived)sword0flight411/13 12:52PM
Would a trick room ability be broken? (Archived)On_The_Edge611/13 12:50PM
Say what you will about Smogon (Archived)360pages311/13 12:50PM
Returning to the idea of a Toho (not Touhou) themed party (Archived)Skyknight611/13 12:50PM
Can you get random online battles 6v6? Like in ranking or so? (Archived)Deamonwarrior311/13 12:49PM
You what baffles me? (Archived)
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Meta2891411/13 12:48PM
Physical Greninja and Special Aegislash (Archived)
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Vivisqeq2511/13 12:48PM
Name some Pokemon who aren't good in a fight, but you like them still... (Archived)
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adismaltheft1111/13 12:46PM