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Pixilate Boomburst Sylveon pls (Archived)
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I need help with my Marill. (Archived)andrewx72512/12/2013
This is going to be a fun showdown battle (Archived)GilgameshSwords912/12/2013
Lysandre's battle theme is pretty awesome (Archived)Mrprowley412/12/2013
Arceus needs a mega (Archived)LRodC312/12/2013
Will I lose my friend list if I send my 3DS for repair? (Archived)
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Excluding legendaries, which Pokemon can learn Fly and any Electric-type move? (Archived)Person4912/12/2013
Dragonite went to play in the snow (Archived)
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You are now replacing Ash. Who will be your sidekick? (Poll)
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Super Single Battle (Archived)ThretZ712/12/2013
Serious question. (Archived)Domino171717112/12/2013
Finally beat doubles in the Maison! (Archived)A_Sevenfold6661612/12/2013
So what have you been doing with your breeding rejects? (Archived)
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Is this charmander worth keeping? (Archived)Bahamut_10th712/12/2013
Why are red/blu/yello not on the 3ds Eshop? (Archived)
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I've been away for about a month (Archived)HomieKnockout812/12/2013
I wish I could mock battle against my own teams... (Archived)legendrider412/12/2013
Dear Ash... (Archived)DoctorBrock712/12/2013
How's Beartic? (Archived)pafbonk512/12/2013
Hello people Miiverse community (Archived)MitsuruGremory112/12/2013