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please help question about oval charm (Archived)
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kidnerk1011111/27 9:56AM
Can someone please tell me the best eeveelution for this eevee? (Archived)ThePokeMan98511/27 9:54AM
At one point of their life each Pokemon has been useful (Archived)
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Benify7111/27 9:52AM
Shiny Ditto? (Archived)phonicphoenix711/27 9:52AM
I have a team for the battle maison, but need a special sweeper.. Help! (Archived)RonCarrProject1011/27 9:46AM
Okay, so... (Archived)GameNerd1994411/27 9:43AM
Charizard Un-Mega moveset suggestions? (Archived)SOAD5657611/27 9:32AM
DSi and PokeBank (Archived)Chowder5000411/27 9:30AM
How do I get extra Leftovers? (Archived)Darkitachi54311/27 9:27AM
Poison Heal Gliscore (Archived)mattazone511/27 9:26AM
Sucker Punch or Poison Jab for Toxicroak? (Archived)Pervert_Kuhn311/27 9:26AM
I can wait for Hologram Pokemon (Archived)Kementarri511/27 9:25AM
Can someone explain, just curious about a poke going before mine? (Archived)joey11223311/27 9:18AM
If you were a PKMN breeder... (Archived)aliashubbatch311/27 9:17AM
HA Pokemon in Horde Encounters (Archived)Retora411/27 9:16AM
Shiny Real World animals! (Archived)lolsophia71011/27 9:15AM
Pokemon whose original look you prefer more than its shiny look? (Archived)
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hiimajerk1311/27 9:14AM
Unusual teams you've faced online? (Archived)joey11223711/27 9:08AM
anyone else wish there was an Intimidate for other stats? Like Def or Sp atk? (Archived)MegaDuran211/27 9:07AM
Will there honestly be a patch to eliminate cheating? (Poll)
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TkShot1711/27 9:00AM