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Is the pick up rate of items still the same in this game as Black/White? (Archived)iRaithYou211/12 9:40PM
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Who is your favorite Pokemon...? (Archived)
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john151bacardi1711/12 9:28PM
Trying to get Leftovers with a team of six level 100 Zigzagoon... (Archived)MrAtIas1011/12 9:27PM
Your Reaction: Smogon bans Stealth Rock (Archived)
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xyzman3811/12 9:26PM
WTF is wrong with people on the GTS? (Archived)
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cervidae_rae4611/12 9:25PM
I'm not touching Pokebank for a while after launch >_> (Archived)
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SoraOwnsOctopus2911/12 9:24PM
To be honest, most Pokemon wouldn't run Double Team if it was legal. (Archived)hikaru_beoulve211/12 9:23PM
Help me build a competitive Doubles team!!! (Archived)Aldath611/12 9:23PM
So, if I'm playing VGC rules... (Archived)tarzanmx311/12 9:22PM
Be Honest: Overall, would you say X/Y was/is disappointing? (Archived)
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Soothesayer9011/12 9:22PM
So will all of Pokemon origins come to Pokemon tv... (Archived)ktbandit711/12 9:21PM
Why did they give horde pokemon status moves... (Archived)Xeo352311/12 9:20PM
Why doesn't Team Flare just carry guns? (Archived)
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SoraOwnsOctopus3111/12 9:17PM
Lady luck shines upon me! (Battle Video) (Archived)number317211/12 9:17PM