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How does a scatterbug learn Sleep powder? (Archived)ssssss1212312/11/2013
What teams are the most successful right now? (Archived)ThePokeMan98712/11/2013
Question about IV breeding? (Archived)Assassin1232512/11/2013
Battle Chateau is so broken.. (Archived)
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can you no longer get toxic spikes on forretress? (Archived)Jedthehead91512/11/2013
Charizard X Suggestions (Archived)
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I played through the entire series for the first time. Results. *spoilers* (Archived)
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Doubles strategies (Archived)poldual412/11/2013
Did You Know? (Archived)Zerbee612/11/2013
How much will you transfer through Pokebank? (Archived)
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Some people dont like magic bounce (Archived)
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Help with sun team! Suggestions? (Archived)Auron899412/11/2013
Old people used to run the day care, but now younger people do... (Archived)ThatKipp1012/11/2013
I wish you could pimp your pokemon (Archived)The_LuXx212/11/2013
So how long does it take to get to past Duke level in Battle Chateau? (Archived)RX02Banshee712/11/2013
It's official- Espurr is the serial killer pokemon (Archived)Aurawhisperer1012/11/2013
mega stone locations (Archived)trainer227812/11/2013
Where's bulk up? (Archived)
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Will Magmortar be OU or very regularly used when Pokebank comes? (Archived)
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A close call at the Battle Maison. (Archived)Tales_of_101812/11/2013