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Need some help on my team... (Archived)RedRiolu447712/11/2013
I already caught 4 shiny Pokemon in this game. (Archived)Kobobble212/11/2013
so i just saw purrloin for first time. and its standing?! (Archived)
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We give Pokemon their own theme songs (Archived)
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can we get some build faqs for this game (Archived)
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Finally!! done SRing my Yveltal!! 4 31 ivs!! (Archived)
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Can someone help me find my TSV and PSV? (Archived)Ao_1312/11/2013
Your reaction: A female Pokemon Breeder you were with approaches... (Archived)
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Keep this Yveltal? (Archived)Dj15Blue316512/11/2013
Moveset help (Archived)Daniel23m112/11/2013
Solar vs blaze (Archived)SSRay912/11/2013
Is it me or do the trading boards on this site just suck? (Archived)Aurawhisperer412/11/2013
Wow, has the Masuda Method been improved? (Archived)
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C/D Pokemon Partners (HG/SS) Need to exist again. (Archived)
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Some advices for breeding Riolus? (Archived)thiaguinhohp512/11/2013
Did the new system update (Archived)
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What's the harm in adding a Hidden Power Tutor and normalizing all IVs? (Archived)
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Your Reaction: Pokemon can only learn three moves next gen. (Archived)BlueInfinity212/11/2013
So I was sitting at the mall, playing pokemon, and this guy challenged me! (Archived)
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What old Pokemon got the biggest buff OUTSIDE of megas? (Archived)evilsquirrle712/11/2013