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Are double battles 6vs6 or 4vs4? (Archived)HopesNo1Fan512/12/2013
If an opponent DC's, whose loss is it? (Archived)crunchy612512/12/2013
Togekiss Moveset help. (Archived)XNo_FearX812/12/2013
New Pokemon movie information revealed. (Archived)Arkkana812/12/2013
Help me with my Mega Kangaskhan moveset (Archived)
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Why can't I get my ponyta to learn low kick? (Archived)Cyberspectre912/12/2013
Where do I go after I beat the game? (Archived)R_2the_Egal612/12/2013
A lv.1 Bulbasaur received by wonder trade! No Giga drain?? (Archived)
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Can You Clone Mega Stones? (Archived)roadugg312/12/2013
Any differences if you play under Japanese language? <spoilers> (Archived)j_coat812/12/2013
My ivs aren't being passed down? (Archived)Tony_777612/12/2013
I love the way Route 7 looks at 4:00 in the morning. (Archived)acerola-orion212/12/2013
The feeling of something great being stolen from you... (Archived)
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Absol IV question (Archived)bornonafriday312/12/2013
Anyone have some good battle replays/videos? (Archived)Starbound2013812/12/2013
What level should I evolve my 5iv Gligar? (Archived)JosePeHache312/12/2013
Okay, this is the stupidest non-hax loss in the Maison I've had yet. (Archived)ClassyOldHat312/12/2013
Does Gliscor learn Ice Fang through move relearner ? (Archived)jcris17612/12/2013
C/D: Black / White / 2 should have been saved for the 3DS (Poll)Doctor_Spanky512/12/2013
YR: The Ruby/Sapphire remakes don't feature character customization. (Archived)
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