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How would Ferrothorn do online with Rocky Helmet? (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer711/25 4:00PM
Squirtle-Blastoise Build? (Archived)NaruJoe1011/25 4:00PM
Wow, shiny 5 IVs are standard now? Might as well send over hacked pokes now. ._. (Archived)
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OliverTehOmfa4011/25 3:58PM
Mewtwonite Y wanted (Archived)MusicNerd1013111/25 3:56PM
Well, at least Charizard Y looks cooler than Charizard X (Archived)Benify911/25 3:56PM
QUICK shuckle (Archived)Xerxes132911/25 3:54PM
Oh man I wish held items showed up on the Pokemon's model (Archived)Ephraim2251011/25 3:52PM
Never thought I'd be frustrated with too much content in a game. (Archived)LagoonTheCursed111/25 3:51PM
I just had an amazing idea. (Archived)loffter211/25 3:47PM
global link error 3000 anyone else? (Archived)gakend0411/25 3:44PM
I always see people talking about Mega Charizard/Venusaur. What about Blastoise? (Archived)dj4242511/25 3:42PM
Would you just copulate already?! (Archived)King_of_donkeys111/25 3:40PM
I don't mind stealth rocks or spikes... BUT (Archived)Caolan_2k9611/25 3:39PM
Masuda method, am I doing this right?? (Archived)NinjaGirl0722111/25 3:36PM
So if I wanted to have Stealth Rock and Head Smash on Aggron.. (Archived)babaXIII411/25 3:36PM
do you consider destroyed poke-economy a good thing? (Poll)
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darkphoenix1812211/25 3:35PM
Confide is the most stupid move ever (Archived)
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Whatdafuh2111/25 3:32PM
GTS is full of 6IV foreign ditto (Archived)
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Pupu272111/25 3:27PM
Is there a move that increases speed on target pokemon? (Archived)bbkkristian1011/25 3:25PM
I would love GFreak has some ways to encourage people hatching their own pokemon (Archived)Pupu27511/25 3:25PM