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Man, this game's RNG is great. (Short, mild rant.) (Archived)ShadowMaster6841011/26 7:13PM
Wait a minute Mega Kangaskhan does not take 2x damage from all moves? (Archived)
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chaosmagez1211/26 7:13PM
Is Mega Manetric horribad? (Archived)Xavuu811/26 7:11PM
when is the best time to evol Togetic to Togekiss? (Archived)
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hesu20001211/26 7:07PM
Quick question about iv's (Archived)ShinyCharizard8311/26 7:07PM
Really dumb quetion here, any other deals for a 3DS that I'm not aware about? (Archived)MrFingers07111/26 7:07PM
restarting x (Archived)
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gamemeister9042311/26 7:04PM
Can someone explain to me how this cloning thing works? (Archived)Arroyo1291611/26 6:59PM
was at a thrift store today (Archived)oblivionpro711/26 6:56PM
Pokemon Breeding - NO EGGS (Archived)
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Nate5451111/26 6:56PM
PSA: Unless you wanna get a bunch of Zubats, don't wonder trade on December 4th! (Archived)Rizaadon007511/26 6:54PM
Evolving sligoo? (Archived)Numbuh100511/26 6:54PM
Mega Heracross set. (Archived)
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ShiningRegice1711/26 6:51PM
Someone tried pulling Iron Barbs+Rocky Helmet on my MegaKhan. (Archived)King_of_Flan111/26 6:50PM
is this pokeman any good? (Archived)Hail_Berserk611/26 6:50PM
Started from the bottom now we here (Archived)djmetal777911/26 6:45PM
How is your Trainer PR video? (Poll)BackwardCap711/26 6:44PM
YOUR unconventional moveset? (Archived)Twilite_shards111/26 6:43PM
Gaahhh Mega Kangaskhan everywhere (Archived)
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RippleLaser1511/26 6:42PM
When was the last time you played? (Archived)
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Rawrgodzilla1911711/26 6:41PM