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First I needed rain to get my Sliggoo to evolve... now I need to get rid of it. (Archived)
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When pokebank comes out.... (Archived)
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There being no 6v6 on free wifi battles.... (Archived)TC9834212/7/2013
Do legendaries have set IVs, friend safari style? (Archived)The_Juice_512/7/2013
mega houndoom needs more love (Archived)
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What if there was a survivor horror style Pokemon game? (Archived)pkmnpkmn612/7/2013
watching Batman Begins (Archived)Sebas27512/7/2013
Branched Mega Evolutions? (Archived)
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Is this Xerneas a keeper or keep soft resetting? (Archived)Shino3912/7/2013
What a humorous battle. Can't believe I won! (Archived)keflyn1012/7/2013
Why weren't Power Whip and Megahorn nerfed, but Fire Blast was? (Archived)
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Your favorite pokemon to breed? (Archived)DotA_GC212/7/2013
I need a 3rd moveset for Dusclops. (Archived)crunchy612612/7/2013
What if Magcargo got an item that doubled its HP, Def and Sp. Def? (Archived)DKU_Arich912/7/2013
How does symbiosis work? (Archived)DoobieScooby612/7/2013
Best Starter (Archived)
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Talking About Counters In Pokemon (Archived)Kylebe611412/7/2013
Male exclusive + HA + Egg Moves (Archived)Sheepboi91812/7/2013
Every Pokemon's Mega Evolution has their BST increased by 100 besides Alakazam's (Archived)J_Applei912/7/2013
Stunfisk still has Limber as one of its abilities. (Archived)
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