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How long did it take you to find a shiny in FS? (Archived)
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dj42421611/30 1:47AM
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Thinking of picking up a 3DS XL. (Archived)
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Xolace2211/30 1:37AM
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PK_Ness1311/30 1:36AM
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Azumaril and Mega Kangaskhan... (Archived)
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Coldemark1411/30 12:48AM
Is there an item that makes all multi-hit moves hit 5 times? (Archived)keflyn611/30 12:44AM
Glaceon Set? (Archived)megacp3211/30 12:43AM
No one ever wants to battle on passerby (Archived)
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Thunder_man62111/30 12:42AM
What should I evolve this Eevee into? (Archived)zero0817711/30 12:40AM
Which battle background do you use? (Archived)
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Falciel2111/30 12:39AM
What's the point of charizard y? Charizard x looks way cooler (Archived)
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EvolutionUber3011/30 12:37AM
Is Team Flare the most likeable evil team yet? (Archived)Tyranidomega711/30 12:33AM
Mega Charizard X being hit by an Earthquake (Archived)kclaujames1011/30 12:27AM