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To those who say this game was too easy with exp share... (Archived)SniperNightOwl712/8/2013
Sturdy Mirror Coat Avalugg (Archived)Loshadt812/8/2013
Very minor and mostly irrelevant complain, but... (Archived)Skull_pro812/8/2013
Question: About friend code and friend safari (Archived)BlackAntSP212/8/2013
Wonder Trade! (Archived)BalakayB612/8/2013
Catching Pokemon gives you EV (Archived)legendarylemur312/8/2013
IV Breeding help. (Archived)HBKracker212/8/2013
That moment when you realize Vaporeon is a god (Archived)
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So I have a rain team and I like it... how about a sunny day team? (Archived)Jamirus2912/8/2013
wow. i would never have expected that from a pokemon game (Archived)lloyd0117412/8/2013
it annoys me greatly that only 3 NPCs in the entire game have a full team (Archived)
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Is Valerie an alien, or a human-big hybrid? (Archived)
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Anyone beat the game with a Wondertraded team? (Archived)Taiki1927312/8/2013
How do I counter Vaporeon? (Archived)
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vernon v1612/8/2013
The dark side of Nuzlockes (Archived)
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Best taunter to deal with troll Klefki? (Archived)
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Is there any site that checks the effectiveness of moveset? (Archived)Phampyx3312/8/2013
EV Chart in Super Training (Archived)
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Anyone else wish shiny Leafeon had more of an Autumn look. (Archived)pokemon2poker912/8/2013
Bonnie Appreciation Topic! (Archived)john151bacardi812/8/2013