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Tired of singles but no idea where to start on doubles... (Archived)Ren-Drako412/5 5:04PM
Pokemon is unbalanced? How would you balance it? (Poll)
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DarknessLink74112/5 5:03PM
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Unable to connect to the internet (Archived)renren555212/5 4:57PM
After the Pokebank, will you still create your Pokemon the natural way? (Archived)
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Hydreigoon1712/5 4:56PM
Alakazam nickname (Archived)
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Toughest3312/5 4:54PM
Why is Trevenant preferred over Gourgeist? (Archived)Mobile_Platform912/5 4:54PM
ITT: Pokemon similar to Air Balloon Rotom-F (Archived)Thepenguinking2712/5 4:50PM
I'm new to competitive battling wondering if someone could make me a team? (Archived)
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blastoise751512/5 4:48PM
RMT i guess you could call it a sun team (Archived)drlolimaster612/5 4:29PM
Which Evil Team had the worst clothes? (Archived)
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BluntGrunt3812/5 4:26PM
Opinions on two Quagsire sets. (Archived)nuke2099812/5 4:17PM
Cloning - What am I doing wrong? (Archived)ParkwayDrive22412/5 4:13PM
Talonflame counter for VGC (doubles)? (Archived)
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RatheV2712/5 4:10PM
Help me choose: Complete Pokemon X and Y with a Bunnelby or a Lillipup? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman512/5 4:05PM
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Making a Megaman Team Need Help! (Archived)
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ZeroGravity383812/5 3:50PM
Ultimate failure-proof way to deal with Mega Blaziken (Archived)Doctor_Spanky312/5 3:49PM
Nidoran ev spread (Archived)gamemaster712212/5 3:47PM