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So are GTS trades mostly just scams? (Archived)
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Serisse1711/16 10:57AM
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Help me with my Team (Archived)
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musumane1211/16 10:54AM
What is a good Defensive Water Type, particularly Vaporeon/Blastoise/Azumaril (Archived)NewAnimeFanDV911/16 10:54AM
Wow what (WT luck) (Archived)
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Pervert_Kuhn1311/16 10:54AM
Hidden Ability Breeding? (Archived)toon_link_346311/16 10:52AM
The blue pentagon (Archived)
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LuminothWarrior1111/16 10:50AM
Alright, here's what I don't understand about Honedge... (Archived)Aurawhisperer911/16 10:45AM
Any other pokemon evolve via icy rock or moss rock other than eevee? (Archived)Poifection511/16 10:45AM
Breeding? (Archived)always_kueve611/16 10:42AM
GTS is so frustrating (Archived)BlackScythe0811/16 10:36AM
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What new additions they'll add in Gen VII? (Archived)GangstaLizard95611/16 10:30AM
Rate/Fix my team (Archived)Scott_Melonball211/16 10:30AM
Compare to Ash's anime, how did you fans like the Origins of Red? (Poll)
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Aurawhisperer3311/16 10:25AM
Who's your Pokewaifu? (Poll)
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OfficialAce-Kun4711/16 10:23AM
Wht determines the gender of a pokemon hatching from an egg? (Archived)
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WizardofHoth1211/16 10:22AM