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Second 6IV (Archived)ThretZ411/20 2:05PM
Wait are using legendaries frowned upon in rating battles? (Archived)
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Josebautista5833211/20 2:04PM
Can you pass hidden abilities by breeding with ditto? (Archived)
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grape_purple1111/20 2:02PM
How to get Hyper Voice on Eevee? (Archived)
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vinhamon1311/20 1:59PM
Is it possible to move up a heart level from petting Pokemon in battle? (Archived)adismaltheft311/20 1:59PM
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A good grass type counter for Talonflame? (Archived)Megumi sama911/20 1:52PM
I found a shiny Swadloon in a friend safari (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger511/20 1:52PM
Genesis of your favorite type/mon? (Archived)
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firehockey911711/20 1:49PM
Worst Starter Gen 1 Edition (Poll)
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OfficialAce-Kun3511/20 1:48PM
Lvl 50 vs lvl 100 Questions on IVs and EVs (Archived)cwiley9711/20 1:47PM
If they made a mega Dragonite... (Archived)
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Traitor_Kratos1611/20 1:46PM
What was your favorite generation of fossils? (Poll)
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LagoonTheCursed1611/20 1:45PM
why are there so many stickies on this board (Archived)grrayson311/20 1:44PM
opinion on avalugg moveset? (Archived)Silverwyrm311/20 1:41PM
OMG I just had an epiphany.... Giovanni! (Archived)
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FalxXD3111/20 1:41PM
Need breeding for nature and ability tips (Archived)Conflagration611/20 1:40PM
Good places to EV train attack and Speed? (Archived)Rouenne911/20 1:39PM
Why have I never seen a shiny?? (Archived)Hellfire-1611/20 1:36PM