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Breeding and Power Bracer (Archived)waterdeepchu112/3/2013
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So are there any actual statistics on chain fishing yet? (Archived)Meta_L1nk312/3/2013
The real reason ash doesn't age (Archived)Bryan_Skull412/3/2013
Has anyone else brought yveltal under their control without any pokeballs? (Archived)LightningAce11812/3/2013
Rhyperior Rock Polish (Archived)
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Favorite Move? (Archived)
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First Competitive Team (Archived)WalterJacks612/3/2013
What do other eeveelutions get to know if they transfer through pokebank? (Archived)Chenmaster2212/3/2013
I can't believe how easily I just caught mewtwo lol (Archived)
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Double Team or Minimize? (Archived)
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Understanding Kangaskhan with power up punch. (Archived)JudgeMaster512/3/2013
Your reaction: Archeops gets the ability Gale Wings (Archived)
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How or when do you get (Archived)Dante2049612/3/2013
Are there any pokemon who's pre evolutions you prefer over their final evo? (Archived)
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Does my Trainer Shiny Value change if I start a new game? (Archived)GiantStitch712212/3/2013
Is the HP IV on imposter ditto literally the only one that makes a difference? (Archived)Xavuu812/3/2013
What are some basic composition strategies for competitive battling? (Archived)
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