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Using a Timid Gengar competitively, tips? (Archived)Oreos74712/3/2013
A perfect example of prediction.. (Archived)
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Giving an Air Balloon to Bronzong with Levitate (Archived)
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You know, Team Magma might've been onto something... (Archived)CakeOfLies1012/3/2013
Too all competitive players: (Archived)
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mega banette (Archived)kakashibob2512/3/2013
Still no news on rated battles right? (Archived)ViciousJxx512/3/2013
The Elite Four and Champion were way to easy this time. (Archived)
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Pokemon that aren't in yet, will they be added? (Archived)
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trying to complete x and y pokedex (Archived)FBIGALZ212/3/2013
Another Smogon Topic (Archived)BLAKUboy1012/3/2013
Cloning and timing or at least my experience with it (Archived)
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How did I get outsped? (Archived)darthprime99712/3/2013
Calling 5 IV Staryu breeders (Archived)MullyJully912/3/2013
The new region is full of great places to dump a body... (Archived)
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Poll: Breading a 5 IV Gen 6 Grass Tank. Chesnaught or Gogoat? (Poll)AsianSuperman812/3/2013
Can someone answer some questions on current competitive? (Archived)geno21412/3/2013
Does anyone else think that the uber tier may eventually get big enough that... (Archived)
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think we'll get more mega evolutions when Pokemon Bank comes out? (Archived)Mr_Sockyman812/3/2013
Anyone else hate the rival battle music? (Archived)
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