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Making a team of Pokemon based on looks and attack animation - need suggestions (Archived)labyrinth711/26/2013
Modest or Timid goodra as a special attacker? (Archived)
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Question: Is there any Pokemon that CANNOT be brought to 1hp or less in 1 hit? (Archived)
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Post Game Content (possible spoilers) (Archived)rare_candy1011/26/2013
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RNG hates/loves me (Archived)AgressiveSmurf111/26/2013
anyone know what the japanese/korean characters for "Let's battle!" look like? (Archived)gna647311/26/2013
RMT and help me become stronger^^ (Archived)
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Your signature Mega? (Archived)
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Trade Modest Togetic with Serene Grace (Archived)OodieWatcharin211/26/2013
Can someone tell me my TSV and my Eggs Shiny Value? (Archived)Tsuki--Sama311/26/2013
Indie's egglocke (Archived)jcarl1990511/26/2013
I just released two shinies into the wild. (Archived)PsychologistPhD511/26/2013
does cloning pokemon cause any issues? (Archived)darkphoenix181611/26/2013
do the models have personality or do they just stand there? (Archived)chelth911/26/2013
The best Aegislash set (Poll)kingjam1411/26/2013
sawk or a fire type? (Archived)loffter811/26/2013
Arcanine used Close Combat! MegaKhan fainted! (Archived)
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Multiple Evolutions in a single battle? (Archived)ZeroGravity38411/26/2013