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How can I breed 0IV pokemon.... (Archived)skydown13511/25/2013
Creating a stable internet connection for online play, through a laptop? (Archived)Zeth_Cross511/25/2013
Gen 6 Pokemon Tournament: Day 36 - Talonflame vs. Noivern (Poll)
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Julianne's Diary (Egglocke challenge) (Archived)
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Just got scammed.. Got a bad ditto :( (Archived)
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To trust or not to trust the GTS?? (Archived)
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Are Grass Pokemon immune to Effect Spore now? (Archived)xx_ANBU_xx811/25/2013
Assault Vest Heracross good? (Archived)hodelino711/25/2013
Best EV training horde locations? (Archived)BeatenByBulba311/25/2013
So I'm seeing nothing but 6-5IV and shiny pokemon FT and LF on trade board... (Archived)
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I though you only face legendary pokemon after 50 wins.... (Archived)calvin_0311/25/2013
Jolteon Moveset! (Archived)hodelino711/25/2013
According to serebii, bergmite/avalugg have barrier as an egg move (Archived)King_of_donkeys411/25/2013
Man Smogon Rules... (Archived)
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Battle Maison levels (Archived)Traitor_Kratos311/25/2013
Just battled Justin Flynn on his stream. (Archived)immrsmith211/25/2013
Hypothetically, let's say I wanted to run a competitive Audino. (Archived)Azure_Flame511/25/2013
Third Consecutive Fishing Shiny (Archived)
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What's the difference between cloned and non cloned Pokemon? (Archived)
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We've known how to dupe since the game came out (Archived)Ivysuar211/25/2013