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Did my Anticipation Eevee just turn into a Synchronize Espeon? (Archived)DeathChaser6314411/27/2013
Synchronise doesn't work anymore? Nature related (Archived)Spartaneus611/27/2013
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I'm bored with this game already. (Archived)LightningAce111011/27/2013
Vivillon Form Question (Archived)Greggles252411/27/2013
I finally get a shiny in this generation, but it stinks... (Archived)
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Got a Shiny Gabite in Friend Safari (Archived)The_Shadow_Link411/27/2013
Round team for Battle Maison Double\Super Double (Archived)calvin_0711/27/2013
Is it just me or did the story seem like a step back in this one? (Archived)
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When will we get DNA Poke-volution. (Archived)HappyUnicorn101711/27/2013
Is Audino a philanthropist? (Archived)
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How does Sweet Veil work ? (Archived)KwonJigglypuff511/27/2013
My very first battle team. Please help... (Archived)Dino5611/27/2013
Cloyster IV question (Archived)RintheCheese511/27/2013
So what word does the filter think I'm using? (Archived)
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Sevipers in this game. Are they all hordes in Pokemon Y? (Archived)WizardofHoth211/27/2013
Tips for finding HA in horde encounters? (Archived)bwebber171011/27/2013
Trolls on wifi (Archived)AnimalsRCrossin211/27/2013
How does Liligant fare these days? (Archived)
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100+ Steak? (Archived)
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