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I've confirmed what the judge says if you bring him a Pokemon with all 0 IVs. (Archived)
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TorchicBlaziken1411/15 12:20PM
The day care guy keeps foisting eggs I don't want on me! (Archived)
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Shigmiya641211/15 12:19PM
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Hidden Power chart by Type (Archived)
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iamBGS1211/15 12:15PM
Dragonite: Fire Punch or Earthquake (Archived)Nimbus303811/15 12:14PM
If use ditto to breed with all my gourgeist will it child be the same size? (Archived)gg132211/15 12:08PM
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Team Flare Grunts >>>> Gym Leaders, Elite 4 & Champion (Archived)PhoenixRush211/15 12:04PM
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HP EV's vs Sp. Def/ Def EV's (Archived)
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jolteonsock1311/15 12:03PM
What do I do after the Elite Four? (Archived)Blatch411/15 12:02PM
Happiness while biking? I'm confused... (Archived)rightzzzy611/15 12:02PM
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would a suction cups pokemon attract the legendary bird? (Archived)vogymaan711/15 11:58AM
Egg move question (Archived)
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Crayonmuffin1111/15 11:57AM