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Wondertrade or gts (Poll)
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Charxsetsuna299/5 1:00PM
Which Pokemon in XD would be good to use today? (Archived)
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pmaster129/5 12:58PM
Do you think there will ever be a Diancie event for North America? (Archived)JakeDorazio109/5 12:41PM
How low is stealing someone's (original!) teams and sets? (Archived)
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PokemonFan1294139/5 12:39PM
Breeding ditto and protean frogadier gone wrong... (Archived)FernandoCruz0899/5 12:39PM
Make normal Gyarados useful again (Archived)hodelino89/5 12:35PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Tiebreaker Round 2.1 (Poll)Ice_Dragon1469/5 12:23PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Tiebreaker Round 2.3 (Poll)Ice_Dragon1479/5 12:20PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Tiebreaker Round 2.2 (Poll)Ice_Dragon1469/5 12:18PM
EV Training help. (Archived)Tequila_Shot39/5 12:16PM
Just your daily reminder that Maison "hax" does not exist. (Archived)
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Chaosmaster00149/5 11:10AM
I am very bad at Doubles and have made a bad Doubles team that kinda succeeded. (Archived)BadDecisions29/5 11:06AM
New trades list: Have KB BR Shinies, Want: Same (Archived)magikarp_ex29/5 10:58AM
Is this natural? (Archived)
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3i33le23319/5 10:51AM
Shiny pokemon hatching question! (Archived)RoboJezeus89/5 10:08AM
Pokemon is a lot like fantasy football - both are pinnacles of balance and luck. (Archived)Muffinz0rz19/5 9:38AM
So about Verlis' Spinda strat... (Archived)GallantChaddymn19/5 9:29AM
What do random battles look like? (Archived)TheFeralWarrior59/5 9:07AM
What moves should XY Pokemon get from Tutors? (Archived)
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luuk_u569/5 9:05AM
Can event pokemon have 6 ivs? (Archived)JakeDorazio79/5 8:51AM