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I love pokemon Amie (Archived)KReborn79/6 2:12PM
Anyone else sometimes miss the simplicity of Red and Blue? (Archived)
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pokeytrader149/6 2:00PM
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Durant be' garbaje. (Archived)
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BandedAegislash309/6 1:45PM
All Durants wanted. (Archived)MegaDoublade29/6 1:36PM
The Gym Leader Questionnaire: Second Gym A mixed bag of types *spoilers* (Archived)
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Alakazamtrainer119/6 1:34PM
Harvest Trevenant: Lum Berry or Chesto Berry? (Archived)Faust_819/6 1:33PM
The Zangoose/Seviper rivalry sucks. (Archived)
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NinjaAurorus549/6 1:19PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Tiebreaker 2.5 (Poll)Ice_Dragon14109/6 1:17PM
YR: The reason why Europe gets a delayed release date is because... (Archived)DigiWillpower79/6 1:15PM
shiny chandelure (Archived)ggvtp99/6 1:15PM
Xerneas's TRUE POWER! (Archived)
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MohPOKE209/6 1:09PM
Is this moveset for Garchomp good? (Archived)
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IreneGirl12139/6 1:04PM
C/D: Smogon should ban all megas or create a megas tier. (Archived)
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BigTepig159/6 12:59PM
Arceus,Dialga,Palkia,Girantina,VS Zekrom,Kyurem,Reshiram and Victini (Archived)NinjaSeviper79/6 12:57PM
Do you prefer Single Battles or Double Battles? Why? (Poll)
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ZeroArchery469/6 12:34PM
Rate my Mono Fairy Team (Archived)Ashheng99/6 12:33PM
My first shiny story :D (Archived)the_doctor101389/6 12:26PM
Predict the next online competitions. (Archived)LightningAce1149/6 12:20PM
Zangoose vs Seviper, I know who be' winning. (Archived)
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BandedAegislash179/6 12:16PM