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So GameFreak pulled a NSMB and appealed to genwunners in this game. How was it?? (Archived)
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final spot on my in game team... (Archived)
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Am I the only one who DOESN'T like 6v6? (Archived)
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100 Wins In A Row At Battle Maison! (Archived)lildragon0611/24/2013
Do you think Gen 5 to 6 compatibility will be for a limited time? (Archived)varnius8511/24/2013
So for instacheck i need a regular USB cable?.. (Archived)salim118118811/24/2013
Now I know why many feel postgame is weak (just beat white 2) (Archived)ineeddrugz211/24/2013
Luminose City: How to easily and quickly max your style. (Archived)Raven3557711/24/2013
starting my competitve team, where do I train these lvl 1's at? (Archived)BassHunterXXX611/24/2013
Check my Shiny Value (Archived)DaKingPaul211/24/2013
Doing a blind nuzlocke. Got to route 4. First Pokemon I find is (Archived)ReachOutToTruth711/24/2013
Share game with wife? (Archived)
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Curse you Super Single Maison! (Archived)sonicsonic411/24/2013
Pokeradar Rage (Archived)TheEpicBro411/24/2013
When will the greatest pokemon mystery of all be answered? (Archived)squirrel_boy411/24/2013
Psyshock (Archived)ThunderBlade5311/24/2013
Saved data (Archived)kawaiihito94311/24/2013
Just got wiped by a dewgong in the Troll Maison (Archived)kazooie959211/24/2013
Advice for my team (Archived)SolitaireD511/24/2013
Your reaction if Ash..... (Archived)
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