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What did you name your Protagionists (and rivals) in the Pokemon games you own? (Archived)
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Sandile or Tyrunt for an ingame team? (Archived)Knighted Dragon211/23/2013
ATTN Pokemathematicians (Archived)gunsndroses311/23/2013
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please help character info (Archived)MarkTheSnitch311/23/2013
Finally played Amie with Espurr (Archived)Thaxagoodname411/23/2013
So my Dotto chain of 114 just ended. (Archived)
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Trying to find some good partners for a 3-pkmn Team (Archived)SergeantJamjars411/23/2013
Can anyone help with damage calcs (Archived)BMorgn66311/23/2013
I'm thinking about running a choice band Lickylicky need move set ideas. (Archived)sch19211/23/2013
What's your favourite generation of games? (Archived)
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Serpent team! (Archived)
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What if the next gen had space travel? (Archived)LightningAce11411/23/2013
Breeding 2 parents with 2 everstones-- better chance for intended nature? (Archived)NiinjaDylan911/23/2013
I need a sixth pokemon for my OU team (Archived)lui007311311/23/2013
What are the best natures/abilities for eevee's evolved forms? (Archived)emilyluna811/23/2013
Focus Energy Kingdra - Timid or Modest? (Archived)DemiseEnd311/23/2013
Modest Umbreon Moveset (Archived)
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Healing Qish or Calm mind? (Archived)xDarkGrimlonx611/23/2013
Looking for a Sixth for my Team (Archived)
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