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ejecting cartridge while playing (Archived)
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Bill6288229/6 9:22AM
Super Training vs Wild Hordes? (Archived)
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themoby456129/6 9:15AM
Play Black2/White2 or Replay X? (Archived)thoroza59/6 8:49AM
Are the evs good on this kangaskhan? (Archived)amazing_Johnny69/6 8:47AM
Rate my Bone Thugs N Harmony team (Archived)mrbaIIerswaggin69/6 8:26AM
LF: Eevee or Sylveon/ Calm Nature with Hyper Voice *Must View* (Archived)Trainer_Juarez29/6 8:25AM
Im a girl and i want mega xerneas and mega yveltal and mega zygarde ^_^ (Archived)
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JohnTeetor2929/6 8:23AM
Can I still get Hoopa and Volcanion through powersaves? (Archived)JakeDorazio49/6 8:16AM
What if the Elite Four was actually called the Fantastic Four? (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz149/6 8:06AM
Invisible player on PSS (Archived)
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IreneGirl12229/6 7:56AM
What's the difference between checking and countering? (Archived)the_van_kid79/6 7:54AM
What do you after beaten battle maison? (Archived)dan265539/6 7:53AM
Nuzlocke runs will make you hate Unova (A Joint Black 2 Nuzlocke Run) (Archived)
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XxMahnaMahnaxX989/6 7:45AM
Easiest and toughest monotype playthrough (Archived)firehockey9169/6 7:37AM
Seriously, move tutor? (Archived)LovelyMimi69/6 7:36AM
If I want to get 126 EVs, how many regimens in Super Training will that take? (Archived)EmiArts49/6 7:18AM
Question (Archived)EmiArts69/6 7:02AM
Question about completing the dex (Archived)the_doctor101339/6 7:01AM
Do you think GameFreak will ever improve the IVs. (Poll)SpecsDoubIade79/6 6:59AM
I have 46k coins from Voltorb Flip in Soul Silver... (Archived)
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The Fir Coat139/6 6:55AM