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Agree or disagree: Poison super effective against water, but resisted by Ice (Archived)
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LRodC258/30 9:30AM
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Best Physcial Sweeper out of these 3 pokemon (with move sets) (Archived)
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daniele12345128/30 9:06AM
Which pokemon are best for competitive battle? (Poll)
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amazing_Johnny228/30 8:55AM
Hurt Heal Random A-Z Pokemon (Archived)
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JD239798/30 8:41AM
Mega Registeel (Archived)
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Slakmeoff218/30 8:23AM
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What's behind OU's Trevenant population? (Archived)Lobster4458/30 8:02AM
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what nature best for salamence (Archived)SavageSunbobo88/30 7:40AM
So have we all come to agreement that 3v3 singles is the worst format? (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42138/30 7:32AM
Question about Counter and Mirror Coat (Archived)Carlos99458/30 7:26AM
I cant wait for White Milk & Black Chocolate in gen 8! (Archived)link_15108/30 7:24AM
wow wtf when did mawilite get banned (Archived)
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itsmeaustin208/30 7:22AM
any one have ditto (Archived)bhawkins4928/30 7:09AM
ubers battle question. (Archived)themoby45688/30 7:07AM