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Oh heck yeah my mewtwo for mega Y (Archived)3DSRec811/21/2013
How many eggs did it take to hatch your Masuda Method Shiny? (Archived)
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New breeder seeking advice on which Pokemon to start with. (Archived)MisterMyster614611/21/2013
Got a magikarp on wondertrade that was called... (Archived)selkie1997511/21/2013
Can someone check my shiny value? (Archived)Sacred_Blade_J111/21/2013
Whoa! When did they make female Wobbuffets wear lipstick? O_O (Archived)john151bacardi911/20/2013
What. (Archived)
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So I'm using pokeradar. (Archived)AwesomeMario411/20/2013
critical doesn't ignore stat drop? (Archived)GunboundNoob311/20/2013
This guy I just fought managed to land a Quick Clawed Sheer Cold on me. (Archived)Mean_Beanie411/20/2013
Postgame help / questions? (Archived)AnimalGamer92411/20/2013
Trading my Yveltal POKERUS/Zygarde/Charizardite X/Mewtwonite X FOR Mewtwonite Y (Archived)nordaaman123211/20/2013
Sooo... (Archived)
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Let's say I named my Torterra "Hitler" in Pokemon Pearl. Could I still get him? (Archived)
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Do you think GameFreak will add new Pokemon in the third version? (Archived)GangstaLizard95711/20/2013
is swagger a bad thing to have on a klefki with 252 sp.defense? (Archived)Oreos741011/20/2013
This is warm privledge. (Archived)
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The RNG is horrible (Archived)Damanax1011/20/2013
Damn, the Hidden Power nerf is actually frustrating. (Archived)Zekira811/20/2013
Ok, Super Training vs. Regular EV training (Archived)
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