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The Random Number Gods favor me this day! (Archived)MegaBassFalzar311/21/2013
What to do against minimize/double team? (Archived)
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what if Gamefreak had made a tradition with remakes? (Archived)MaruKazeryu211/21/2013
My personal opinion on the hacker situation. (Archived)
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The Planets hath alligned for this Shiny. (Archived)
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Random battle with 6 pokemon? (Archived)TheResidentEvil211/21/2013
Is it really so easy to save 100 times? (Archived)
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Does anyone know if there are any other moves like false swipe or super fang? (Archived)JustinTheJagged711/21/2013
Hidden Ability Fossil Pokemon? (Archived)Trianglon711/21/2013
trying to decide on the tail end of my team (Archived)paipr711/21/2013
GTS needs another search category (Archived)
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WI: Arceus gets a hidden ability that makes it immune to its held plate instead. (Archived)Jo145211/21/2013
Where can i get the beige Trenchcoat for the gir? (Archived)CyborgSword911/21/2013
How do you get an Amaura with barrier, I want to breed one but can't find a dad (Archived)Benikins511/21/2013
Question about choice specs/scarf/band (Archived)SOAD5657611/21/2013
Hacking and Migrating (Archived)FizzyFloat411/21/2013
Greninja help. (Archived)Onipaladin411/21/2013
What's YOUR online battle music? (Archived)Twilite_shards711/21/2013
What to do with 185,000 pokemiles? (Archived)
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Swift Swim vs Mega Charizard Y (Archived)RustedsporK31811/21/2013