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Why the need for a trading machine? (Anime related) (Archived)Raven236711/22/2013
Where can I find some NPC's to double battle? (Archived)TerribleLuck311/22/2013
I think Xerneas is probably my favorite legendary, and represents a step forward (Archived)The Fir Coat611/22/2013
Fire Blast or Overheat for Scarfed Chandelure? (Archived)GShadowBroker811/22/2013
How long does pokerus last? (Archived)JudgeMaster311/22/2013
when you're hatching an egg, does anyone else... (Archived)
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Does anyone remember pokemon before the Internet? (Archived)
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Is pokemon online down (Archived)Jmandal111/22/2013
GTS is less useful than Wonder Trade (Archived)ClownRoyal511/22/2013
Can I make Gardevoir (mega) into a good Special Wall? (Archived)xoftheuniverse1011/22/2013
This Pokemon gets a Mega evolution. Your reaction? (Archived)
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NBA-based team? (Archived)
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Garchomp in Double Battles (Archived)GenjiHX211/22/2013
Breeding for perfect IVs... (Archived)Legionx21411/22/2013
Which Pokeball for my Vivillon? (Archived)Psynin511/22/2013
Which would be better to buy: Black or White then B2 or W2, or just B2 and W2? (Archived)mx_703411/22/2013
Where to buy discontinued Pokemon games? (Archived)
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Avatar based team? (Archived)
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Truant Durant moveset? (Archived)selkie1997811/22/2013
So what's the Critical hit boost: 33% or 50%? I'm hearing 2 different things. (Archived)
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