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Can Hydreigon get Draco Meter in this game? (Archived)On_The_Edge911/22/2013
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Guts Flareon with flame orb or intimidate arcanince? (Archived)djiluvu44811/22/2013
Pokemon deserve love too.. (Archived)
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your favorite stealth rocker? (Archived)
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Which of these improvement ideas would you want to give to Ninjask the most? (Poll)-Unowninator-911/22/2013
Got something to show you guys (Archived)shadowenclave47511/22/2013
Has anyone gone back to playing b/w since playing this? (Archived)
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What parts are you disappointed about Pikachu's Summer Vacation? (Archived)GangstaLizard95211/22/2013
Do I want my Roserade to get Petal Dance? (Archived)legendrider411/22/2013
Do you think the reason why Ash's water Pokemon doesn't evolve... (Archived)GangstaLizard95211/22/2013
Help with Goodra? (Archived)BoredSoUhmm211/22/2013
Do you love Water Pokemon? (Poll)
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Can anyone recommend a good Banette set? (Archived)Kiniest411/22/2013
Kalos Pokedex completion for improved trainer card (Archived)Vivisqeq311/22/2013
Diancie and Carbink (Archived)Doctor_Spanky411/22/2013
Oh I get it. (Carbink and Diancie) (Archived)
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Aegislash vs. Eviolite Doublade? (Archived)Azure_Flame411/22/2013
Mechanics of everstone with Ditto? (Archived)Khemikooligan611/22/2013