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Right here, right now... Whats the most OP pokemon??? (Archived)
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Hitoshura9999279/5 5:02PM
Blaziken needs a buff. (Archived)
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420Blaziken349/5 5:00PM
Paralyzed Sturdy Shedninja. (Archived)
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antiheroforhire219/5 4:47PM
Why do people even StudyShedinja? (Archived)
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GallantChaddymn159/5 4:45PM
PU is the best singles tier. (Archived)bubstance69/5 4:44PM
6 IV Eevees Giveaway (Archived)eeikcaJ49/5 4:41PM
Just battled some guy without Charizard in his team (Archived)
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KReborn129/5 4:23PM
Powersave newbie (Archived)aigiiis89/5 4:13PM
wat the karp is elibump? (Archived)kadabrium39/5 4:11PM
YR: Infiltrator now bypasses Protect and Protect variants? (Archived)Neoconkers79/5 4:00PM
Pokevolution Poll: Day 23 (Poll)Brodiac199299/5 3:56PM
I be' saying it, Aegislash be' the greatest thing to happen. (Archived)BandedAegislash99/5 3:54PM
Kricketune is a Pokemon. (Archived)MegaDoublade89/5 3:17PM
In this topic: Hidden secondary effects moves have that the game won't tell you (Archived)
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Michaeloll159/5 3:14PM
Why did this guy call me a hacker? (Archived)Lobster4479/5 3:12PM
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Diancie North America event? (Archived)JakeDorazio99/5 2:57PM
Pink Pokemon and the Battle of 100 Turns (Archived)Zamelargh49/5 2:57PM
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