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Think the New 3DS will allow this game to keep a steady frame rate? (Archived)keybladesrus48/29 6:55PM
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RainboomBox188/29 6:52PM
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Pokemon X team help? (Archived)ChampBlade89168/29 6:08PM
Four shinies in one horde!! (Archived)
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TeachMeMsLitchi448/29 6:06PM
Who in their right mind would code this legendary bird to move areas so much? (Archived)
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DarkSideOfBlue168/29 5:54PM
Priority Question (Archived)Reggie_Evans48/29 5:52PM
Why doesn't blaziken get close combat? (Archived)
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geno21228/29 5:29PM
Groudon needs Heavy Slam in OR/AS (Archived)PokemonFan129458/29 5:24PM
Offcial Druddigon depreciation topic. (Archived)
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BigTepig148/29 5:24PM
Will this be the new set for mega salamence in doubles? (Archived)LightningAce1148/29 5:13PM
One hit ko moves (Poll)Hawkeyes_Mihawk98/29 5:08PM
A show called Blue Mountain State leaked Gogoat three years before X/Y's release (Archived)Muffinz0rz78/29 5:04PM
Do you think Mega Mewtwo X was designed with Pokken in mind? (Archived)Svedeesh_Cheff48/29 4:45PM