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How exactly do I calculate my pokemons IVs? (Archived)Caolan_2k9311/12 1:59PM
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Anyone uploaded Origin's OST yet? (Archived)Parukia256511/12 1:57PM
How often is your starter in your final party? (Poll)
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Habefiet3711/12 1:57PM
Are any pokemon white(color) when shiny? (Archived)
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navi8541111/12 1:54PM
Is Z confirmed to be coming?? (Archived)
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Kite_G1711/12 1:52PM
Make up your own evolution methods (Archived)
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labyrinth3311/12 1:52PM
best EVs for a Modest Sylveon with Pixilate (Archived)The_Undest411/12 1:51PM
whats a good nature for AzuMarill? (Archived)Saidie311/12 1:49PM
Delphox or Braixen? (Poll)themegaman7911/12 1:48PM
What's Wrong with Delphox (Archived)
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TalesofFan2455711/12 1:47PM
Iv's question, read the guide i just want to see if i understand something (Archived)MellowButters311/12 1:45PM
Preferred ability for Volcarona? (Archived)SaintValiance811/12 1:42PM
What are you doing right now? (Archived)
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MetaDeDeDe3411/12 1:42PM
Is Lapras a good wall online? (still trying to find the perfect wall/stall) (Archived)Deamonwarrior211/12 1:42PM
think we will get more fusion pokemon like Kyurem fusing with Zekrom and Resh (Archived)darkphoenix181611/12 1:41PM
Assualt vest or leftovers for goodra? (Archived)Jimmy_Novak311/12 1:38PM
State Pokemon: Poll 2: Florida (Archived)
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Marthmario2611/12 1:38PM