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Why don't they fix GTS? (Archived)
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Zarkai2011/4 2:52PM
Did getting /Fairy make Gardevoir better? (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis311/4 2:51PM
Now all they need is a held item to increase gender ratios through breeding. (Archived)Lucidious89811/4 2:49PM
What do you like from the PKMN regions? (Console regions also admitted) (Archived)aliashubbatch311/4 2:49PM
Hex has 65 BP now. (Archived)
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Conflagration1211/4 2:44PM
There will be no Pokemon "Z" (Archived)
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Nordini7211/4 2:43PM
My friends won't show up in pokemon X, and I get no passerbys? (Archived)Kapuxa311/4 2:42PM
Is there any co-op elements in this game? (Archived)MagneticSpark211/4 2:41PM
Mr Mime looks creepy in this game (Archived)QualiT811/4 2:39PM
So...which pokemon are OU? (Archived)
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Diayamondo3711/4 2:38PM
How do you check if your pokemon has a hidden ability? (Archived)Seferaga711/4 2:38PM
Hasty Gengar with flawless Sp. Atk and Speed viable? (Archived)Daemonscharm611/4 2:36PM
Where are some places that get you EXP quickly? (Archived)
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J_Applei1311/4 2:35PM
Havee "somehwat vain" Eevee but IV checker says attack is its best stat (Archived)occasionalhero311/4 2:34PM
What is the set-up for Mega Heracross? (Archived)ChocoboDreams911/4 2:33PM
Is Tympole obtainable yet? (Archived)sajoir2211/4 2:33PM
My first rated battle video of 6th gen. (Archived)pokemon2poker511/4 2:33PM
The Battle Maison (Archived)SimonFNBelmont511/4 2:30PM
Which Pokemon would be the nicest to sleep on/with? (Archived)
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BluntGrunt8611/4 2:30PM
Question about wild dittos (Archived)Bushido20711/4 2:29PM