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Does anyone else think Drasna is adorable? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger1711/10 8:42AM
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Best way to EV train? (Archived)
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Figure092211/10 8:39AM
ATTN Those with a Protean Greninja (Archived)
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J_Applei1911/10 8:39AM
Blastoise vs Greninja (Archived)
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Dante20493411/10 8:38AM
Over 1200 MM eggs, still no shiny eevee. Question about MM (Archived)
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Whatdafuh2611/10 8:38AM
Wario_man's Friendly Pokemon Showdown Replay Topic! (Archived)
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Wario_man2011/10 8:37AM
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Focus Sash or Life Orb on normal Magic Guard Alakazam? (Archived)OliverTehOmfa311/10 8:35AM
Question about Mega Tyranitar (Archived)
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jenniaotr2111/10 8:35AM
How do you get Flare Blitz (or Fire Punch) to charmander? (Archived)CoCa85411/10 8:32AM
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Power Item or Destiny Knot? (Archived)S1-Winged_Angel811/10 8:31AM
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Maybe it's not my destiny... (Archived)
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Crownz042111/10 8:30AM
Rate my first semi-competitive team (Archived)Xerxes132311/10 8:30AM