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Best of the Best Battle Videos (Archived)
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substitute/switch moves (Archived)ljkkjlcm9211/21/2013
Well, it's official. Arceus hates me. (Archived)StellaLunaris811/21/2013
How relevant are entry hazards/weather at the Battle Maison? (Archived)42Bladez411/21/2013
When using Absolutely in competitive battles, which ability is better to use? (Archived)
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Having problems with Instacheck. (Archived)Flame_Hound173511/21/2013
Can you find pokemon with hidden abilities in friend safari (Archived)grape_purple511/21/2013
I'm new to battling, but I just had 2 good WiFi Battles, codes inside (Archived)MrSkorm511/21/2013
What online battle mode allows 6 vs 6 random battles? (Archived)On_The_Edge211/21/2013
did ANYONE else have this though the first time they saw a diggersby? (Archived)
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Event Pokemon (Archived)Level_99211/21/2013
Pokemon stats help (Archived)ThretZ411/21/2013
Anywhere I can see shiny versions of gen 6 Pokemon? (Archived)Linkxx3111/21/2013
sooo my first ever competitive team, how is it? (Archived)Oreos74211/21/2013
Is the Pangoro hat the only special clothing (Archived)TheGreatDebate711/21/2013
Interview with the devs talk on sound/music production in the game. (Archived)NME_Enterprises511/21/2013
I had heard somewhere Haze now removes (Archived)RPGphreak911/21/2013
Are we going to call the normal colored Pokemon Shiny in December? (Archived)Nightstar1994611/21/2013
Are people battling somewhere else? (Archived)Figure09611/21/2013
Defog will replace Rapid Spin now? (Archived)hodelino611/21/2013