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Gonna start shiny collecting. Starting with gen 6; what should I go for first? (Poll)LagoonTheCursed411/20/2013
Seriously, the shinies madness must stop (Archived)
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Do shiny parents have an increased chance of having shiny babies? (Archived)JimDandD311/20/2013
*Hatches first X/Y shiny* (Archived)
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Ok so rare candies on a Pokemon already EV trained (Archived)SOAD5657211/20/2013
Time of the day (Archived)InturnlDemize111/20/2013
A Grass/Poison type needs to be made (Archived)MasterSpectrobe911/20/2013
What are my chances of breeding a pokemon.. (Archived)TG_Wolf411/20/2013
Question on IV Breeding (Archived)FlyingPotatoe411/20/2013
Why are you guys talking about hackers when there's nothing to hack yet? (Archived)
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Dragon being OP extended far beyond the actual typing. (Archived)
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Where/How do you play your game boy? (Archived)
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Which greek olympian would Ferrathorn best be? (Archived)gbaandpcfreak111/20/2013
Muk Appreciation Topic (Archived)
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Making trick room team. need tips (Archived)SaintZetsu811/20/2013
Trubbish and Garbodor (Archived)InturnlDemize411/20/2013
YR: Any Pokemon transferred via Pokebank from Gen 5 doesn't have a Blue Pentagon (Archived)GreatHammurabi511/20/2013
Does using roost make the Pokemon lose it's flying type? (Archived)legendrider1011/20/2013
whats this shiny exploit? (Archived)zombiabsol311/20/2013
Quick, what kind of ball should I catch my shiny Corphish in? (Archived)
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