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How would a Mega Arceus work? (Archived)
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pichu_assasin2611/8 1:40PM
People don't take me seriously, yet they're afraid to see me in battle. (Archived)
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pokemon2poker3111/8 1:39PM
*fights Lickitung Horde* (Archived)Solar_Crimson1011/8 1:38PM
What's your favorite shiny Pokemon? (Archived)
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Pichusfan3411/8 1:37PM
I have a question about Vivillon and breeding. (Archived)DarthLaharl511/8 1:34PM
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EV cap? (Archived)mindfreak2311811/8 1:28PM
Help and stuff with my FAQ/Walkthrough? (Archived)KeyBlade9991011/8 1:28PM
Who has the highest potential special that can learn Dazzling Gleam? (Archived)Tsukino_Kaji711/8 1:27PM
Who is the baddest Kalos Pokegirl? (Archived)
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john151bacardi1211/8 1:27PM
Rarest form of Vivillion? (Archived)
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TcidenebT3911/8 1:26PM
what pokemon should I use (Archived)gamemeister904611/8 1:26PM
Newbie to breeding moves and abilities. Any help? (Archived)
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Taladashar1311/8 1:25PM
next gen, space type should be a thing (Archived)darkphoenix181911/8 1:22PM
Help with last level of lost and found? (Archived)MistleQuill611/8 1:20PM
I just need to rant about this... (Archived)
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heyitsthatguy112611/8 1:20PM
Are there Pokemon that you mistake for being shiny a lot? (Archived)
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Rahjik1411/8 1:19PM
dat masuda method (Archived)Kevkorn311/8 1:19PM
How do you find Rotom? (Archived)Cobra872511/8 1:17PM