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Did anyone get the Canadian September newsletter email yet? (Archived)AscendingLeo18/31 11:12PM
Tasteful Poke-artwork topic (Archived)
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DankaDummkopf418/31 10:55PM
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Shiny hype! (Archived)Earthshaker78/31 10:31PM
Upgrading Megastone? (Archived)ArabAl58/31 10:28PM
geodude is by far the best pokemon in gen 2, what about other gens? (Archived)lloyd011768/31 10:26PM
What Nature and EV spread should Kingdra have? (Archived)
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AwkwardTurtle26168/31 10:20PM
How many speed evs should I give gardevoir? (Archived)
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LightningAce11118/31 10:16PM
Is HP Ice good on Swalot? (Poll)EmiArts68/31 10:05PM
Eviolite monferno (Archived)WaffleSenpai78/31 9:49PM
Cleffa (Archived)
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TalesOfXAndY338/31 9:49PM
My new Sandstorm team kicks butts! (Archived)
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Skull_pro118/31 9:48PM
Trade then trade back to evolve. (Archived)codered124588/31 9:39PM
YR: Hyperbeam now doesn't need to recharge afterward (Archived)hodelino88/31 9:27PM
so i just bought a powersave and i noticed that (Archived)ThePoopEater158/31 9:25PM
Do we need Badly Burned status? (Archived)
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fedartz278/31 9:08PM
I <3 Dragalge. Shiny Dragalge anyone? (Archived)
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Piruquita188/31 8:52PM
what are the different trading regions? (Archived)Kabuki8131138/31 8:47PM
Assault Vest Darkrai? (Archived)
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Crown_Royal_Man188/31 8:39PM