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greninja vs blastoise vs Aurous (Archived)nikhil925911/4 2:00PM
"Delphox is good at nothing", according to Serebii's Pokemon of the week (Archived)
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SnowxReturns9811/4 1:59PM
Tyranitar EV's. (Archived)Plasma EXE411/4 1:56PM
First Nuzlocke - Need some more rules :P (Archived)
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magikarp_ex1111/4 1:55PM
Need help on the final pokemon for my team :) (Archived)JPSVR1011/4 1:54PM
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Who misses battle factory? (Archived)FalxXD311/4 1:53PM
Best Pokemon associated with money / Searching for a team Kakuzu would use. (Archived)
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Nightstar19941311/4 1:51PM
Chain Fishing: a quick tip (Archived)Aeuiouio111/4 1:49PM
How about, instead of typed Gyms, we have gyms that use certain strategies? (Archived)
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SalsaSavant1611/4 1:48PM
third ever shiny :D (Archived)hippyshade117611/4 1:47PM
Toxic hits me during Phantom Force? (Archived)PhlipDarkRiot611/4 1:45PM
So the guy keeps trying to sell me Venusaurite (Archived)Chaos_Echo1011/4 1:40PM
Metalkid's IV Calculator (Archived)
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SonRoku1211/4 1:37PM
Cool Tip :D (Archived)Darkangelscythe111/4 1:36PM
HELP: Jolly Dragonite (Archived)LazyKorean411/4 1:36PM
Safari question (Archived)ZarethKnyght511/4 1:36PM
Rate my item idea out of 10 and help me think of a name for it.(NOT competitive) (Poll)-Unowninator-711/4 1:35PM
Is Hidden Power type calculated differently now? (Archived)tempestjg511/4 1:35PM
Base stats guide (Archived)
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brutalhits3911/4 1:35PM