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What item do you put on Aegislash? (Poll)
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Non-31 IV or 0 (speed) for Ferrothorn? (Archived)tenderbrew211/21/2013
All those 5-6IV Shiny Pokemon on the trading board... (Archived)
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Drifblim EV distribution (Archived)Darkswarm22511/21/2013
Question about ev training. (Archived)N-K-S511/21/2013
Looking for a shiny Nidoran Male. (Archived)Phariboi211/21/2013
Why do people say Pokemon are ugly? (Archived)LightningAce11811/21/2013
Best hold items for all the Eeeveelutions? (Archived)thenewgodofwar11011/21/2013
Has anyone ever bred a 5IV and EV trained it.... (Archived)JPSVR911/21/2013
FORGET these weak quizzes, and elevators and slow cameras!! (Archived)HappyUnicorn101511/21/2013
So, I have a couple of 5 IV Charmanders. Which is best? (Archived)sarevokmb611/21/2013
Aegislash users, check your privilege! (Archived)
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Cloyster - Razor Shell or Ice Shard (Archived)
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Destiny Bond on Houndoom? (Archived)thenewendymion711/21/2013
Looking for good iv/nature pokemon. (Archived)Slashaa111/21/2013
Why are Azumarill and Dedenne Fairy type? (Archived)
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Trollgepi Breeding frustates me (Archived)DemiseEnd211/21/2013
How do I find a slowpoke with regenerator in X and Y? (Archived)Cyberspectre411/21/2013
Is there a Black Tower/ White Treehollow equivalent in this game? (Archived)John_Dory211/21/2013
Gen 6 team too strong (Archived)
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