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mold breaker (Archived)
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krystyla1211/8 10:22AM
Is there a chance to get the second ability while breeding? (Archived)Phoenix_Heart711/8 10:21AM
Pokemon are lifeless and stupid slaves (Archived)
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Fritz0x242911/8 10:20AM
Started a Nuzlocke run on Y, my progress thus far (Archived)Wyvern-Knight311/8 10:19AM
How often does the boss show up in Battle Maison? (Archived)NobleRoar711/8 10:17AM
Team for Battle Maison (Archived)lelecobpbr111/8 10:14AM
i was hatching eevee eggs to get a male modest and i got a shiny (Archived)
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HomieKnockout1211/8 10:14AM
Finally bred my very first 5 IV perfect pokemon (Archived)CODwiiiVIP123711/8 10:14AM
Why do i always get decoy patches? (Archived)mehmetski311/8 10:13AM
Round in Triple Battle question (Archived)Natwaf_akidna211/8 10:12AM
one of the most annoying things to breed (Archived)rawi12111/8 10:08AM
Best Ball for a Goodra? (Archived)TorchicBlaziken911/8 10:07AM
Pokemon X and Y (Archived)
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Pkmnxandyleaks1511/8 10:07AM
oh ho ho you silly group game freak. (Archived)ss4gogeta_dark211/8 10:06AM
Physical Hidden Power Variant (Archived)chumpykalamoona811/8 10:06AM
Aegislash vs. Talonflame (Archived)
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krystyla3411/8 10:04AM
Favorite shiny from each gen? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman211/8 10:04AM
does anyone have excadrill on their safari i need add (Archived)Dark_Merick511/8 10:02AM
There's not enough Litleo love here. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman911/8 10:02AM
I want a gym leader outfit DLC pack. (Archived)
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YukiMew3311/8 10:00AM