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Why can Tyrunt learn Charm ? (Archived)KwonJigglypuff711/20/2013
Does a Pokemon become bound to you if you catch it? (Archived)
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If loony toons were pokemon (Archived)Raven236411/20/2013
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any alternative way to see the information shown during online battles? (Archived)poldual211/20/2013
This Sableye worth using? (Archived)Shyvana411/20/2013
Ok, a question on Horde Battles and EVing (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram1011/20/2013
funniest thing youve seen on the gts? (Archived)
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if pokemon were drawn by Rob Liefeld (Archived)
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Well that was cheese... (Battle Maison) (Archived)gohobojoe111/20/2013
What Pokemon would be good paired with an Assault Vest? (Archived)
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Mega Charizard Y moveset help (Archived)smashbrosking00211/20/2013
Rotation battles (Archived)ssyl9411/20/2013
YR: Gen VII has a Fire/Fighting starter... (Archived)MM125611/20/2013
where is houndour? (Archived)Koffing424211/20/2013
People are really unprepared for Belly Drum Azumarill... (Archived)
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I can't wait for my hacked Pokemon. (Archived)
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New Mysterious Souvenir theory (Archived)
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Just took my gym team online for a few test runs (Archived)MaruKazeryu111/20/2013
Glaceon appreciation thread (Archived)MaruKazeryu811/20/2013