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The new soundtrack released for XY today is great... (Archived)
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ENDG4MER1211/12 2:59PM
Which Pokemon would be good to breed / level (if I wanted to be competitive?) (Archived)Stalker111/12 2:55PM
Competitively, who is better: Charizard X or Y? (Archived)
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pcmike23511/12 2:52PM
Wonder trading breeding rejects (Archived)D0CR0CK311/12 2:51PM
CurseLax in this Gen? (Archived)munchexlax411/12 2:49PM
Natures shown under name in battle mode? (Poll)ZeroGravity38811/12 2:47PM
Not a single trash-can shake in the Lost Hotel (Archived)Uptown877511/12 2:45PM
Talonflame running Tailwind worth it? (Archived)
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Exaetellus1111/12 2:40PM
Will Swoobat ever get a 3rd evo? (Archived)Sloth9230411/12 2:36PM
Any point to moxie on pyroar? (Archived)Kasiski211/12 2:36PM
YouTubers who regularly upload wifi battles? (Archived)
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TheTitan991411/12 2:35PM
3DS focused Nintendo Direct tomorrow. Perfect place to announce an event (Archived)
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SalsaSavant2511/12 2:30PM
What should be a new type duo? (Poll)
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FizzyFloat7411/12 2:30PM
Non-Mega Garchomp Question (Archived)
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Voltageist1311/12 2:29PM
Breeding Venipede question (Archived)Uptown877311/12 2:28PM
even with all this new improvement on breeding.... (Archived)calvin_01011/12 2:28PM
Wynauts are okay for wonder trade, right? (Archived)Stalker811/12 2:28PM
*Walks into Safari looking for any Metang* (Archived)lizardguy27611/12 2:27PM
Sorry: Battle Maison team incoming (Archived)
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The_Last_Azn1511/12 2:25PM
So I've been brainstorming a team to use (Archived)MegaMettaur1011/12 2:24PM