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Teaching Lucario bullet punch and crunch (Archived)FalxXD711/22/2013
The woman who delivers global link items is damn fine (Archived)
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Anyone else hear the Hoenn Gym Leader them in the Champion music? (Archived)crunchy612611/22/2013
Could pokemon have reached their potential without human intervention? (Archived)Raven236611/22/2013
Perish Song? (Archived)
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is eevee considered to be a dog? (Archived)
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Strange Souvenir Thought (Archived)
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Quick Attack or Stone Edge, which should I run on my Mega Blaziken? (Archived)RX02Banshee1011/22/2013
is next gen gonna reduce pokemon players (Archived)
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Dratini (Dragonite) Breeding Questions (Archived)thatreevesgirl611/22/2013
Woman in Hotel Marine Snow (Archived)Asynch_111/22/2013
If Talonflame hatches egg faster, will 2 Talonflames hatch eggs faster again? (Archived)jd_walker811/22/2013
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Who's your favorite Gen VI Pokemon? :3 (Archived)bradvd1011/22/2013
Why does gamefreak discourage cheating when the battle maison does exactly that? (Archived)LightningAce11611/22/2013
Rng egg question (Archived)leafgreen211/22/2013