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This Pokemon was just elected as the US President (Archived)Chanyeol711/22/2013
Are these stats good enough for this mixed sweeper? (Archived)Yzak_Joule311/22/2013
Intimidate or Moxie on Gyarados? (Archived)
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BASED PARAFLINCH (caps) (Archived)Azure_Flame411/22/2013
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Need advice on attempt to get HP Fire Magnezone (Archived)bwebber17811/22/2013
DIggersby question. (DON'T BRING THAT MEME CRAP IN HERE) (Archived)
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Trading would be so much easier... (Archived)BigPapaSnorlax211/22/2013
What are the best Diggersby builds? (Archived)
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If the virtual people in Pokemon games acted like Pokemon players in real life (Archived)
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Does anyone know what Zygarde's stats should look like at Lv70? (Archived)Pervert_Kuhn911/22/2013
How many times do you think it will take me until I get Ditto from Wonder Trade? (Archived)
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Pokemon Origins did pretty good with Team Rocket (Archived)TheGreatDebate411/22/2013
Bill's secret (Archived)GoGoat611/22/2013
Second Quick claw! (Archived)Dervish194211/22/2013
Deleted people still appear on my friends list in game. (Archived)xoftheuniverse411/22/2013
Help someone who's really bad at stuff to find a shiny absol. (Archived)babaXIII411/22/2013
can someone help me understand egg moves please? (Archived)leif0711/22/2013
Dragon pulse or Ice beam on a Blastoise? (Archived)
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Frost Breath on Glaceon? (Archived)viewtifullink99711/22/2013