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Name some gimmicky teams that people are using at the moment (Archived)
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Do you consume the Mega Stone when you Mega evolve? (Archived)Everoth911/15 11:34PM
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Building a team with Walrein in it. (Archived)HumbleLink611/15 11:29PM
Did we ever get any other stuff from the data mining? (Archived)BNVshark123811/15 11:28PM
An idea for a "gimmick" Pokemon (Archived)Meta289811/15 11:23PM
moveset for a bulky volcarona? (Archived)
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lazymaster021311/15 11:23PM
help with a team idea i have when pokebank comes out (Archived)tiamat999511/15 11:22PM
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Have you ever done a "message" trade? (Archived)Edgemaster70000911/15 11:21PM
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About tutored moves... And a new hidden ability (Archived)MegaKirby211/15 11:15PM