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so once Breloom comes back, it'll have problems dealing with Talonflame huh? (Archived)
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Nivern > Goodra (Archived)iRaithYou1011/20/2013
Mamoswine EV SPREAD (Archived)Nate545611/20/2013
Evolving pokemon at a higher level makes no difference on their stats, right? (Archived)SybreTiger411/20/2013
Pokemon you hate the most? (Archived)
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Help me Think of a Jolly M-Tyranitar Moveset? (Archived)aerisly311/20/2013
The Rotom Situation (Archived)
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Instacheck help needed (Archived)Marethyu1111/20/2013
Good team for catching Pokemon? (Archived)
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Is there a sim you can use vs yourself just to see if X will kill Y with Z move? (Archived)Edge4o7_711/20/2013
Assign a theme song to a Pokemon (Archived)Pictocheat511/20/2013
Question about baton pass. (Archived)IndigoIce211/20/2013
Create a team of 6 pokemon with only 1 from each generation (Archived)
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How did this happen? (breeding) (Archived)jamieyello511/20/2013
YR milotic gets multiscale (Archived)drlolimaster911/20/2013
If Pokemon were real, they would be used for wars. (Archived)
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Tanks other then Furfou that can learn U-turn/Volt Switch? (Archived)selkie1997711/20/2013
joltik question (Archived)lazymaster02711/20/2013
YR: Typhlosion's Hidden Ability is changed to No Guard (Archived)
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Scizor EV SPREAD (Archived)Nate545511/20/2013