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What team is Ash going to get by the time he went to the Kalos Pokemon League? (Archived)
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GangstaLizard953211/3 10:37AM
my mission: to complete the dex by wondertrading. (Archived)Sonicman2x711/3 10:33AM
F***ing Mega Evolution? More like Mega S***! (Archived)
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Daemonscharm3811/3 10:32AM
If you remove a friend/they remove you, can you still use their safari? (Archived)Krissi2197911/3 10:30AM
Do I have to relearn aegislash for kings shield? (Archived)
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ss4gogeta_dark1411/3 10:29AM
In-Game Team Help (Archived)Aculard311/3 10:27AM
Does Ditto's catch rate change to the Pokemon it had transformed into? (Archived)Dedenne611/3 10:26AM
Where is Zygarde and where do I start the Looker quest line? (Archived)Edge4o7_311/3 10:25AM
Where do I find the person who gives yoy TMs when you answer questions? (Archived)Numbuh100611/3 10:21AM do i teach sword dance to Blaziken? (Archived)ManuKesna811/3 10:20AM
Why does every NPC in this game carry protect? (Archived)Obl1TeRaTE1011/3 10:20AM
What's a decent Clawitzer set? (Archived)PhoenixWroggi611/3 10:19AM
Why is everyone Unaware of Quagsire's potential? (Archived)
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David_7411411/3 10:17AM
I got this weird Froakie (Archived)IceYoshi811/3 10:16AM
So how many main Pokemon games from each generation have you beaten? (Archived)
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Safer_7772211/3 10:16AM
Pokemon XY Togekiss ev spread? (Archived)Hikari5x911/3 10:16AM
Which of the Flabebe line's flower colors do you like best? (Poll)
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Solar_Crimson1911/3 10:15AM
Ugliest Kalos Pokemon? (Archived)
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Rayquaza_is_Z5611/3 10:15AM
whats with this sawk pokemon? and throh (Archived)SweedishFeesh111/3 10:13AM
About the Battle Chateau... (Archived)
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MrOntacos1911/3 10:10AM