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How to battle your rival multiple times in a day? (Archived)ethan814611/23/2013
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
What luck (Archived)Codarus211/23/2013
Could somebody clarify what Outrage does to Fairies (Archived)gunsndroses811/23/2013
If you can make your own Gym Leaders, what would their team and type consist of? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
I need your halp!!! Strategies for battle spot. (Archived)BrassBirch111/23/2013
Evolution options for shiny eevee? (Archived)astrangeone711/23/2013
battle spot communication error? (Archived)SolRiver311/23/2013
Fling/Nuzlocke Question (Archived)nimatoda666611/23/2013
Where can I find a dusk stone? (Archived)dj4242611/23/2013
Flying Press. Pros and Cons? (Archived)thomasfreid911/23/2013
Can you unlink your game from the Global Link? (Archived)AquaX101311/23/2013
YR: These following Pokemon can now learn Magnet Rise at Lv. 1 (Archived)Biased_Gamer411/23/2013
Worst Starter Gen 3 Edition (Poll)OfficialAce-Kun611/23/2013
Anyone else find it kind of dissapointing that no 6th gen pokes get megas? (Archived)wwwgippal2911/23/2013
I'm revamping my mega Houndoom team by. .. Taking him off of it. (Archived)loffter1011/23/2013
Soooooooo, I just traded a Protean Froakie for a Xerneas. (Archived)
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Blaziken Moveset (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Can you save videos? (Archived)GloryChaos811/23/2013
One of those "I FINALLY CAUGHT MY FIRST SHINY" Threads (Archived)giants9281211/23/2013
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