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Question for 0 IV checker (Archived)Don500488411/2 8:21AM
So Pokemon still get IVs from hordes with Exp. Share, right? (Archived)endergamer537511/2 8:21AM
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The only thing devaluing after hackers is Shinies and BP items (Archived)
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xMarumi1511/2 8:19AM
I'm not interested in having an arrogant piece of human waste as a rival. (Archived)
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IngSlayer2411/2 8:15AM
Help me evolve my Haunter! (Archived)GengarHaunting411/2 8:07AM
Shiny Syther Oh yeaaahhhhhh! (Archived)
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vlHero2811/2 8:07AM
The next pokemon game. (Archived)Hoozah123211/2 8:06AM
Can you swtich between Pokemon in your team and in the boxes on the fly? (Archived)Vlugge_Japie211/2 8:06AM
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Good place to level Pokemon quickly? (Archived)Krissi21971011/2 8:04AM
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Can I get another false swipe tm? (Archived)Figure09611/2 8:02AM
Does the male parent's ability influence the offspring's ability? (Archived)Supreme-Raiden111/2 8:02AM
Brave Snover with 0 speed - good enough? (Archived)Ckenni111/2 8:00AM
Gen V Smogon: "No complex bans." Gen VI Smogon: ... (Archived)
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A Novel Idea5311/2 7:59AM
LF shiny rhyhorn/rhydon FT shiny bagon and clawncher (Archived)Landon87211/2 7:54AM
LF fairy safari with togepi (Archived)OniBowser411/2 7:54AM