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Do you use traded pokemon competitively or only your own (Archived)giants9281111/20/2013
Rate my Avalugg (Poll)poldual111/20/2013
What are the odds of Inkay/Malamar learning Sucker Punch through PokeBank? (Archived)Voltageist711/20/2013
None of your suggestions will ever really stop hackers. (Archived)hikaru_beoulve111/20/2013
Greninja's Ability (Archived)vinhamon411/20/2013
How to apply speed base stats in battle? (Archived)
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Advice needed (Archived)Mitsuhedi311/20/2013
Contact (Archived)Riaralm111/20/2013
The only verifiably legitimate shinies are the ones with Pentagons and same O.T. (Archived)Enfusionist1011/20/2013
What resource have you guys been using to... (Archived)K_of_Spades111/20/2013
Shiny Values have destroyed shiny trading (Archived)
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Best way to level a new team? (Archived)
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How far complete is your National pokedex? (Captured, not seen) (Poll)braves995711/20/2013
A wild Lillipup appeared! (shiny) (Archived)Zelda_Aran911/20/2013
Sex joke at parfum palace. Totally didn't notice it (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
Post more battle videos I wanna see Gamefaqs' teams (Archived)lolcomotive111/20/2013
Stone Emporium sells Leaf Stones and.... (Archived)King_of_Flan411/20/2013
What kind of Pokemon fan based romantic relationship would you rather be in? (Poll)DarkKirby2500111/20/2013
Shiny Minccino! :o (Archived)DarkHeroRaven311/20/2013
Snorlax? More like Trollax (Battle replay) (Archived)
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