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People who hate "object" pokemon should really reconsider their outlook. (Archived)
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Scythemantis4511/2 10:32PM
Resturant Le Wow Question: Turn Requirements (Archived)TopStarRacer211/2 10:30PM
Gift Lucario IV's (Archived)DoppelgangerEX611/2 10:29PM
alright, im starting to go insane. ( another breeding topic) (Archived)Jonathan7272911/2 10:29PM
think of a pokemon before clicking this topic. (Archived)
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newer_LIE1411/2 10:26PM
Hidden power always has 60 BP now? (Archived)
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Xavuu1211/2 10:25PM
Ok somewhat serious topic, What is the best maison partner that you've used? (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon421111/2 10:24PM
If you fail to catch a legendary... (Archived)Pizzacup211/2 10:23PM
anyone else love the pose aegislash makes when it comes out? (Archived)Genericgamer667111/2 10:23PM
Question re how HA abilities are passed on during breeding (Archived)ozpokefan511/2 10:21PM
I can't start a new game without deleting my current game, right? (Archived)nightmare75611/2 10:20PM
Flying Gem + Technician + Acrobatics (Archived)jomplox611/2 10:19PM
New to IVs! Help please. (Archived)Haseo230311/2 10:19PM
Most disappointing first shiny? (Archived)
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Incinerator17611/2 10:19PM
Can someone explain Symbiosis to me (Archived)Thaxagoodname211/2 10:18PM
What EVs and move set on my special attack charmander? (Archived)Raylux711/2 10:14PM
Who would win: Charizard Trio vs WarGreymon? (Archived)
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HappyUnicorn1012011/2 10:13PM
Hidden Power + Technician (Archived)
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Jaricko1811/2 10:13PM
I cant get too Looker Agency (Archived)ericG717192611/2 10:13PM
how is my team (Archived)MagicJab411/2 10:12PM