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"EXP share OFF" run (up to waking up snorlax) (Archived)
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RocketZXblue1611/8 3:58AM
Your fave Pokemon to pet in Amie? (Archived)
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GalaxyEmperor2011/8 3:58AM
Question for Competitive Battlers (Archived)
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deoxyscyclone3711/8 3:50AM
Dragonite or Garchomp? (Archived)KandaYuu911/8 3:46AM
Help! Breeding Lv. 1 Charizard? (Archived)Sloanyboloney811/8 3:46AM
What is Safari Friend? (Archived)supermichael11111/8 3:44AM
them making trading such a massive requirement is irritating... (Archived)ZeroJinKui111/8 3:43AM
Lol I'm a jerk.... (Archived)
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FalxXD1111/8 3:42AM
Will These Breed a 5 IV pokemon? (Archived)smartjon19921011/8 3:37AM
Huge Power Bunnelbly (Archived)xavier124611/8 3:36AM
question regarding iv breeding with HA's (Archived)eclipse_exe911/8 3:33AM
Adaptability Skrelp (Archived)shazen93211/8 3:33AM
Shiny Chained Scatterbug! (Archived)FearAggression111/8 3:32AM
The ID no. of the Kinniekins in your PC Box matches your Loto Ticket Number! (Archived)Aceviper411/8 3:26AM
29 chain goomy broken by no more max repels (Archived)OUC_Lunarian511/8 3:24AM
Has Ash ever won a Pokemon League yet? (Archived)Paulf001311/8 3:22AM
In the next update patch. What would you like to see? (Archived)
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amazingwilly6711/8 3:21AM
Your Reaction: They make a 120 BP Dark type move with 100% Accuracy (Archived)
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wookieworker891311/8 3:18AM
friend safari weirdness (Archived)SPACED1969311/8 3:17AM
Finally Hatched my Blue tyrunt! (Archived)G_LeVeL311/8 3:11AM