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What nicknames failed to pass do you? (Archived)
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Going For Shiny Metagross! (Archived)Mr_Lotus311/1 8:44PM
Ok, I'm confused, are IVs REALLY that important?! (Archived)
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All Diancie and Carbink similarities. (Spoilers) (Archived)
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Rain to evolve Sliggoo? PT 2. (Archived)
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Who should I use as my final pokemon? (Archived)BTzz411/1 8:40PM
2 hours of searching in Fire safari an- (Archived)
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What hackers? Why is everyone crying about something that doesnt exist right now (Archived)Maverick_Reznor311/1 8:39PM
You people need to stop worrying about some extremely rare wonder trade sadness. (Archived)
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Reno_Tarshil2111/1 8:39PM
are most but not all girls a bit more stingy when trading? (Archived)gagoko0087811/1 8:39PM
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What's the best Nature for Larvesta? (Archived)Austindx92711/1 8:37PM
if i cant use 2 power items to pass stats can i use 1 power item and a destiny (Archived)setokaiba400511/1 8:36PM
How people are "hacking" this game? (Archived)
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K3fk41311/1 8:34PM