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Wonder Trade is an amazing thing (Archived)
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P0k3m0nWaRR10R81311/10 9:05AM
341 Eggs Later (Archived)
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aDirtyShisno1111/10 9:01AM
Where can you ride on a gogoat? (Archived)mrmariomaster511/10 9:00AM
I've bred over 2000 eggs... (Archived)Dave_is_my_name611/10 9:00AM
Catching them all? (Archived)Deathsword001011/10 8:59AM
Rate the modifications/updates for my doubles core four. (Archived)pokemon2poker311/10 8:59AM
Why does my Azumarill gain boosted exp. ? (Archived)
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brentvh2411/10 8:58AM
I wish Nintendo made a confirmed list of available Pokemon. (Archived)TkShot511/10 8:58AM
How important is perfect defense for a sub-disable gengar? (Archived)gna647511/10 8:58AM
Help build my electric team: pt 2! (Archived)KaitzumaXI511/10 8:57AM
What would be your "Anime" team? (Archived)
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keflyn12111/10 8:54AM
Best EV Spread for Adamant Sword Dance Mega Scizor (Archived)stardustehero311/10 8:54AM
Jolly or Modest.Dragonite (Archived)
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jenniaotr1211/10 8:52AM
If a start a New Game on the same 3DS console... (Archived)Pokemon_Looker311/10 8:51AM
Remember when Gamefreak made every fire starter fire/fighting? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger811/10 8:51AM
Starting to wonder something about Florges... (Archived)UmbraB1111/10 8:50AM
Does anyone have a Sewaddle friend safari? (Archived)kolbykooz311/10 8:49AM
Lk for pokerus (Archived)Elementalmonkey311/10 8:49AM
Cloning Codes (Archived)3DSGuy511/10 8:47AM
Does anyone else think Drasna is adorable? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger1711/10 8:42AM