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Hatched a perfect shiny Timburr... (Archived)x_Paradise411/17/2013
Pokemon teams are increased to 10 pokemon from 6. Make your team (Archived)
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could this be a good team for battle maison and online (Archived)tiamat999111/17/2013
Noivern is Terrible (Archived)
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You're not going to like what I tell you about hatching eggs (Archived)
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I'm gonna name my Sawk Marshawn Lynch and my Throh Russel Wilson, then beastmode (Archived)Jarred623811/17/2013
GF needs to stop with the priority moves with more than 40 BP. (Archived)
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Timid or Modest Mewtwo? (Poll)endergamer537711/17/2013
Question about egg moves. (Archived)NiimuraJun311/17/2013
I've encountered 37 female Litleo while searching for a male (Archived)
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Whar 4th Gen game do I buy for Pokebank? (Archived)TheEpicBro411/17/2013
Lv. Cap on GTS is kinda pointless (Archived)Misha-Heart711/17/2013
Fastest Way to Dispose of Eggs (Archived)
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Recommendation for an anti-Smogon team? (Archived)
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How's Florges? (Archived)tadashii18611/17/2013
Serena... (Archived)CyborgSword911/17/2013
Litleo Male hatching (Archived)cgreenw111/17/2013
*Spoilers* How do I..? (Archived)BaaPuff211/17/2013
What do i have to breed with marill for superpower and aqua jet (Archived)BoogieIsBack411/17/2013
Would this friend safari idea work? (Archived)DoItForMe211/17/2013