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Poke Ball capture mechanics from B/W2 should've returned. (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman1311/14 1:56AM
How do you people do it?? (Archived)
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The_Nimi1811/14 1:56AM
So I was looking online regarding the alleged shiny rate increases... (Archived)DullahansXMark811/14 1:54AM
How are people getting so many shinnies? (Archived)
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Dante20492711/14 1:53AM
Espeon or Jolteon? (Archived)Chaos_St33l811/14 1:53AM
mega mewtwo y EVs? (Archived)gumbygumby411/14 1:38AM
When are they going to do something as epic as Distortion World? (Archived)kinode211/14 1:37AM
i'm still laughing at this battle oh my god (Archived)Oreos74211/14 1:31AM
early Christmas gift for me!! (Archived)ronsocute1241011/14 1:29AM
all I need now is a sea sponge... (Archived)
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Genericgamer6671411/14 1:18AM
What do you consider your best catch? (Archived)raikou68311/14 1:17AM
Stat judge on low stats (Archived)TheSteelPhoenix311/14 1:17AM
Still trying to understand breeding... (Archived)xoftheuniverse111/14 1:13AM
A Sylveon build thought. (Archived)darkwolf777111/14 1:11AM
Berry Field Questions (Archived)SomeRandomKid211/14 1:04AM
Gen 6 Pokemon Tournament: Day 25 - Fennekin vs. Greninja (Poll)
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kirbydude3851111/14 1:03AM
FINALLY hatched a good 3-4IV Female Snorunt (Archived)theSFfan_1111/14 12:54AM
Help with rain team please! (Archived)Aberexis411/14 12:54AM
Any good ways to use "Red Card/ Eject Button"? (Archived)GunboundNoob811/14 12:53AM
Anyone know a good way to get back the money from a sealed copy of this? (Archived)MellowLyricist511/14 12:50AM