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#First world Nuzlocke problems (Archived)sonicfanaticjtb111/18/2013
Zen Headbutt vs. Hammer Arm (Archived)Jesushazluv211/18/2013
I've logged about 130 hours and i JUST realized... (Archived)
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What if the name rater actually rated names? (Archived)
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just made an adamant speed boost 5iv torchic ^__^ (Archived)memo7878111/18/2013
Name for a shiny clauncher, giving to a friend... (Archived)
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Any stats Houndoom does NOT need? (Archived)ILiekFroakiez811/18/2013
Finally found my first shiny and... (Archived)
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I just caught a box full of Dittos and... (Archived)Phenom13511/18/2013
IV calculators. :| (Archived)Lil_Puddin611/18/2013
past generation transfer? (Archived)hctk411/18/2013
How do you find the Shiny Value of Eggs? (Archived)Tuoko311/18/2013
Can someone check my Shiny trainer value please? (Archived)
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PSS battle/trade options greyed out? (Archived)Hippopotas311/18/2013
Possibly the most annoying pokemon in rated battles? (Archived)
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How many other people do this when filling out the pokedex? (Archived)mada71011/18/2013
Quick breeding question... (Archived)The_Evil_Elf411/18/2013
Best Magic Bouncer: ESPEON vs XATU (Poll)
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vernon v1411/18/2013
Ideal Egg moves for Vulpix? (Archived)
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Why dont more people use mamoswine? (Archived)
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