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Riolu can learn Ice Punch as an egg move right? (Archived)Exaetellus311/6 11:38AM
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Sunny Day + Grassy Terrain + Solar Beam (Archived)Kirbye2006511/6 11:37AM
This was such an intense battle. cant belive i won 0.0 (Archived)mulayev111/6 11:36AM
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Help on a Lucario Moveset? (Archived)Gen0408411/6 11:35AM
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EV question (Tyranitar and Scizor) (Archived)agentpheonix711/6 11:31AM
Pokemon you are sick of seeing in battles (Archived)
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strider_1231611/6 11:30AM
How to check IV's by eye! (Archived)amphercut411/6 11:30AM
Jolly for Dragon Dancing Mega Tyranitar? (Archived)
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drlolimaster1411/6 11:29AM
How useful would this item be? (Archived)Emperess Bowser511/6 11:29AM
New to breeding! How exactly do I give aqua jet and Belly drum to Azumarril? (Archived)ManuKesna311/6 11:27AM
I wonder if Castform got formes for the new terrain moves (Archived)SalsaSavant711/6 11:25AM