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is head smash still good if I dont have the hidden ability rock head? (Archived)skatecboy45511/1 1:16AM
Predict the Tier, Day 6: Vivillon (Poll)
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Pitbuller_261511/1 1:11AM
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do destiny knot and power item effects stack? (Archived)poldual411/1 1:05AM
What do people use 0 IV stats for? (Archived)deimonic711/1 1:02AM
Showdown is addicting. (Archived)Tkmajing711/1 12:54AM
You know what Diancie resembles? Spoilers. (Archived)pokemaster09311/1 12:53AM
Is your favorite animal represented in Pokemon? (Archived)
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Robot_Soopa6711/1 12:52AM
Anyone do anything fun for Halloween in game? (Archived)
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Choice Band is bad on Unown (Archived)KRDsonic211/1 12:38AM
Found my first shiny! (Archived)lps1014211/1 12:38AM
How do I tell how many EVs I've accumulated in Super Training? (Archived)LinkFanatic611/1 12:33AM
Completing Mountain Kalos Pokedex (Archived)WaveMiX211/1 12:33AM
What if Diancie is a super-secret event-only Carbink evolution? (Archived)
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Second_Chances1611/1 12:29AM
Finally experienced Maison hax ._. (Archived)tarzanmx111/1 12:28AM
People pulling their SD card out when loosing (Archived)
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akaouji1511/1 12:28AM
Deep Sea Pokemon (Archived)Schmeman511/1 12:25AM
Freedom from torchic breeding (Archived)Shikazure111/1 12:24AM
Pokemon Hatchlings (Archived)URPC_Superman211/1 12:22AM