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Mobile_Platform4511/1 9:41PM
Can Dragonite learn Barrier in this game? (Archived)Doctor_Vodka411/1 9:41PM
Give names to the possible future eeveelutions (Archived)
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TheGreatDebate2211/1 9:40PM
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ssupermario921411/1 9:39PM
What do I have to breed my Absol with to learn "Play Rough"? (Archived)illusivedude711/1 9:36PM
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I feel like I'm almost trolling Wonder Trade (Archived)
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SushiSquid1511/1 9:33PM
How do I give Tyranitar Stealth Rock? (Archived)jaimito_vond311/1 9:33PM
Hackers, you ARE ruining the game experience. Sorry. (Archived)
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TheSteelPhoenix9411/1 9:32PM
I actually want sprites to come back, (Archived)
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Yoshi_Scaper2611/1 9:31PM
How is this Xerneas? (Archived)Gheb711/1 9:29PM