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Can't load my game save for some odd reason (Archived)
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Aurora3131111/10 6:49AM
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Omg I just fought Valerie in Battle Chateau! (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger3611/10 6:17AM
YR: You can try to capture all five Pokemon in a horde battle. (Archived)BalloonBattle05611/10 6:15AM
Where can I buy Poke Balls that aren't Poke/Great/Ultra? (Archived)Ultimate3DSFan611/10 6:15AM
Wait, If I breed two Pokemon from the same Egg Group. (Archived)Nightstar1994411/10 6:15AM
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To everyone involved in my give away topic last night... (Archived)bulmu311/10 6:07AM