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I must have the worst luck breeding... (Archived)Sinfullyvannila611/15/2013
Ya know, I was all excited that MewTwo would be involved in this badass plotline (Archived)MCcake911/15/2013
Should a stall team have both a stallbreaker and revenge killer? (Archived)Vaz126911/15/2013
I skipped the B/W Gen (Archived)Sfandi811/15/2013
Ocarina of Time Sage Poll; Who best represents Rauru? (Poll)Kementarri711/15/2013
college dormmates notice I'm playing this game (Archived)
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Question about Pokedex completion (Archived)RedLink123311/15/2013
Is this a good moveset for Garchomp? (not mega) (Archived)SOAD5657311/15/2013
It would have been better if they DIDN'T announce the blue pentagon (Archived)
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will we ever get rock head Tyrantrum? (Archived)Metal_Gear_Link511/15/2013
A nice nickname for the king (Diggersby) (Archived)
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I cant accept a trade. Help (Archived)Pax Dragonflame211/15/2013
Choose! (Archived)lunick15411/15/2013
Way harder than previous gens? (Archived)gothmog87811/15/2013
Pokedex: "[Goomy is] the weakest Dragon-type Pokemon." (Archived)Solar_Crimson511/15/2013
Lilligant is god tier on sun teams (Archived)
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Need Squirtle (Archived)jose7620411/15/2013
Will a level 100 Pokemon breed? (Archived)Beenabo711/15/2013
The blue pentagon explained (Archived)
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Serebii from SPP4611/15/2013
That girl that tells your pokemons memories. (Archived)
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