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Theoretically, it's possible for every single Pokemon encounter to be a Shiny (Archived)
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what is the cookie cutter maison single team? (Archived)
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I'm bored, let's talk Stealth Rock (Archived)
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Slakoth learns Sucker Punch (Archived)Sloth9230411/16/2013
Awareness Alert! Beaware of Unaware Quagsire in Battle Maison! (Archived)MournfulLust611/16/2013
Calm nature on PARAS (Archived)selkie1997211/16/2013
What are the best Ice and Ghost types? (Archived)kratos_jadelove611/16/2013
How do people not realize this? (Archived)
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Disconnects suck (rant topic) (Archived)sonicam63811/16/2013
Has anyone ever Re-checked for mega stones? (Archived)CrimsonJudgment511/16/2013
Why is Looker so worthless. He NEVER manages to capture the leader. *Spoilers* (Archived)DarkKirby2500711/16/2013
Masuda Method?! (Archived)SyphoV2211/16/2013
Since there aren't any weak double rematches, or wild doubles, how can I Sketch? (Archived)-Unowninator-711/16/2013
Mega Kangaskhan, Sucker Punch or Crunch? (Poll)Plasma EXE811/16/2013
The after game is disappointing. (Archived)
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Zangoose and Seviper (Archived)Spockmaster3000611/16/2013
I made a discovery! (Archived)playingrobot611/16/2013
Gliscor and Slowbro are pretty awesome! (Archived)Plasdurock111/16/2013
Which shiny Eevee evolution should I evolve my shiny Eevee into? (Archived)
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I need pokerus (Archived)Wait4creed511/16/2013