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Good moveset for a defensive Swellow. (Archived)Duncanwii811/15/2013
What do you do with your breeding surplus? (Poll)
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Leveling poke'mon from eggs (Archived)D0CR0CK611/15/2013
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Archeops' animation (Archived)
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Need help editing my team (Archived)Sorugue311/15/2013
Do you miss gen 5's metagame? (Archived)
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How should I EV train mine Scizor? (Archived)SazukeEX911/15/2013
Question on hoarde battling (Archived)
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FC topic (Archived)
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I fought a really good Quagsire the other day... (Archived)King_of_Flan111/15/2013
Hows the latest pokemon movie? (mewtwo Y and genosect) (Archived)lambchips511/15/2013
Any sugestions of things to do? (Archived)Kapuxa611/15/2013
Destiny Knot? (Archived)sniper_zero911/15/2013
Welp since Bank doesn't come out till December 27th... (Archived)Exaetellus311/15/2013
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Could anyone link me the page of daily events/post game activities please? (Archived)jd_walker411/15/2013
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has anyone with 2 games and 3ds's attempted to wonder trade with themselves? (Archived)wingblade98911/15/2013
Did the happiness aquisition rate rise??? (Archived)Holy_Oblivion811/15/2013