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What's your personal philosophy on the use of legendaries? (Archived)
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gunsndroses5211/8 2:43PM
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Will GF ever implement pokemon walking with you again? (Archived)dj42421011/8 2:35PM
They still haven't made a Pokemon based on the coolest animal in the world. (Archived)
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Conflagration6011/8 2:35PM
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Talonflame is really not broken lol (Archived)
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ManuKesna2211/8 2:30PM
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Who here has made a competative team of only Pokemon capable of Mega Evolving? (Archived)GeminiDeus211/8 2:28PM
Why do I get so much B S for using Gardevoir? (Archived)
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Phoenix_Heart1411/8 2:28PM
Sometimes I just wish there was only one attack stat..... (Archived)paipr1011/8 2:23PM