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Protect doesn't activate Stance Change? (Archived)
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qbicfeet1510/31 7:33AM
Can Boomburst be a egg move? (Archived)
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RX02Banshee1110/31 7:32AM
What's a good rage inducing team? (Archived)
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HHDeception1110/31 7:31AM
Most rage inducing moveset of all time? (Archived)
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Mallen03121110/31 7:27AM
So i have 2 badges left.. (Archived)webbydan310/31 7:17AM
So, 4Kids didn't show Ash get slapped by Misty [twice]... (Archived)Solar_Crimson210/31 7:12AM
Where would I be able to check the IV's of my Froakie? (Archived)Flamingace18310/31 7:03AM
Magmars forehead looks like a butt (Archived)
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cjjohnston1510/31 7:03AM
Is anyone doing any Halloween based wonder trades? (Archived)hyperdimeduck910/31 7:02AM
Metagross - Moveset and EV recommendations (Archived)
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Turtleatlaw1910/31 7:02AM
weakness policy is such a dangerous surprise item... (Archived)SolRiver410/31 6:58AM
It's a shame that Adaptability Dragalge isn't available (Archived)Solar_Crimson410/31 6:58AM
Breeding for Hidden Abilities (Archived)Zokological410/31 6:55AM
Should i get pokemon B/W or B/W2? (For pokebank) (Archived)Zerocrossings210/31 6:53AM
Caught my first shiny of x/y....a Murkrow!:D (Archived)GalaxyEmperor310/31 6:52AM
Poll : Are you using the Prism Tower egg hatching trick ? (Poll)
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Dual-Shock32010/31 6:51AM
I guess that explains why Sylveon looks so different from the other Eeveelutions (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson2310/31 6:50AM
Move Tutors? (Archived)TheDarksyde86610/31 6:47AM
The Wonder Trade is... WONDERFUL (Archived)
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Grkd1312010/31 6:47AM
IV Breeding Kangaskhan... (Archived)MLGFerret510/31 6:42AM