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A few general pokemon questions (pokemon XY, TCG, anime) (Archived)
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airsoft2461511/1 3:34AM
how to get high streak on maison multi (Archived)ShadowUmbreon42711/1 3:32AM
For people like me starting out.. (Archived)
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Ghostronic1811/1 3:19AM
Stop with the Battle Institute/Maison hax complaints (Archived)HDN1105111/1 3:18AM
Anyone else love soak? (Archived)TheChap656111/1 3:14AM
So is it possible (Archived)metalboomario411/1 3:13AM
Just got a JPN Jolly Riolu (X/31/31/31/31/31) over Wondertrade. (Archived)ChicagoTed_411/1 2:59AM
sableye prankster? (Archived)Knox7x111/1 2:57AM
Help with Ev Stats for Togekiss :) (Archived)
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jenniaotr1911/1 2:51AM
Help with super training please! (Archived)IVO-_811/1 2:47AM
Does the pokemon have to be in its final evolution to breed? (Archived)
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contown1211/1 2:45AM
Does the IV checker NPC tell you if you have a 0 IV? (Archived)Hero of time1290611/1 2:40AM
Male Clothes SUCKS!!!! (Archived)
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Nomorice4U3611/1 2:36AM
Nuzlocke challenge to assist weight loss (Archived)bgforman211/1 2:34AM
What is the worst signature move in the game? (Archived)
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DarkEspeon9965311/1 2:34AM
Breeding 5iv pokemon ---- and... (Archived)robotoboy30711/1 2:33AM
Just wondering how people feel about hackers, NO ARGUING! (Poll)
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Soul_of_Yveltal4011/1 2:31AM
What is the best nature for Phantump? (Archived)bloodthirstfury211/1 2:19AM
did anyone know what does the ball icon mean? (Archived)calvin_0511/1 2:18AM
Help setting up a team (Archived)Smoke547111/1 2:13AM