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Which are the best starters into battle? (Archived)
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skyrander1211/11 2:12PM
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How do you find out what Pokemon are at your own friend safari? (Archived)adismaltheft311/11 2:06PM
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Zygarde is one fo the worst legendaries (Poll)
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In general, which pokemon is better for offensive EV and which for defensive? (Archived)21_21411/11 1:59PM
Putting a competitive team together (Archived)
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rajoni2221311/11 1:58PM
Do you use Legendaries? (Poll)
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ValzacardX3111/11 1:58PM
Black rhino are officially extinct today.....gonna get myself a Ryhorn (Archived)
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legendrider3011/11 1:56PM
Help me choose my last Gliscor move. (Archived)Ren-Drako711/11 1:52PM
Parental bond affects EQ too? (Archived)
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swfc_dan1211/11 1:49PM