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Breeding 5 IV Pokemon Help (Archived)Spockmaster3000211/11 4:43PM
Trevenant set up help, please. (Archived)
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VenomSymbiote1611/11 4:43PM
Fastest way to evolve Riolu for breeding? (Archived)Jaddow711/11 4:41PM
Examples of anti-counter moves (Archived)David_741411/11 4:40PM
USA/Europe for masuda method (Archived)Apocrowlipse111/11 4:40PM
!!!!!!!!!!!! First Heart Scale! (Archived)
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wilowns11311/11 4:35PM
Increased shiny rate in the safari is a lie (Archived)
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gnerdus3111/11 4:35PM
I cant seem to get the hatching o-power. (Archived)DarkBuster22904311/11 4:35PM
Blazikan and Kangaskhan are fails. (Archived)
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SexyBchCraft2011/11 4:33PM
I hope there will be a ... (Archived)Boosterke811/11 4:32PM
How do you pronounce aegislash? (Archived)
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LightningAce112811/11 4:32PM
How do I get a Sylveon? (Archived)RemixDeluxe311/11 4:28PM
Why are leftovers worth so much in trades? (Archived)
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Tommymaster3811/11 4:27PM
Boomburst (Normal type) affects Ghosts now (Archived)
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GilgameshSwords2611/11 4:27PM
F*** you, Global Link. (Archived)wilowns1911/11 4:26PM
Question to those who are competitive. (Archived)TkShot411/11 4:25PM do you get a 5IV togepi! (Archived)
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ManuKesna1511/11 4:23PM
Passing down hidden abilities... (Archived)Cobra872311/11 4:23PM
Simple Question. (Archived)wilowns1411/11 4:22PM
Did *Spoilers* KO any of your Pokemon? (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman1111/11 4:22PM