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So there I was, breeding Kangaskhan, when I bred a perfect one..but.. (Archived)
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the male Artist trainer... (Archived)ArcRay20211/15/2013
Did Raichu get a buff? (Archived)Xiammez711/15/2013
Pokerus Transfer? (Archived)mindfreak2311511/15/2013
Anyone got 6500 on Battle Institute? (Archived)
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More than 4 Egg moves (Archived)SupremeZero811/15/2013
What's the point of the Wonder Trade? (Archived)
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Making new friends? (Archived)AnotherLoneNut511/15/2013
Huge power Azumarill, Guts Flareon and Pixilate Sylveon (Archived)
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Hatching Eggs (Archived)D0CR0CK411/15/2013
About actually using legendaries... (Archived)
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How different would the metagame be if there was a Trick Room Drought/Drizzle? (Archived)bretonftw111/15/2013
Need to make quick money in half an hour (Archived)
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A couple of questions... (Archived)xoftheuniverse511/15/2013
Is Single battle becoming the thing of the past? (Archived)Pupu271011/15/2013
How much of a flinch chance does Dark Pulse + King's Rock have? (Archived)syaoran-kun611/15/2013
A few questions (Archived)TheSerprem611/15/2013
I just received "The Egg Watch" egg through an online trade (Archived)
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Has anyone breeded Safari Ditto first before diff Region Ditto? (Archived)TkShot211/15/2013 at the elite four battle theme.. (Archived)Divinehero511/15/2013