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How do you Super Train your Pokemon? (Archived)
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deoxyscyclone2711/3 10:03PM
So you cannot co-op battle with WiFi in the Maison? (Archived)FlipManV3411/3 10:02PM
2 and a half boxes of DD larvatars..... (Archived)Dizma811/3 10:01PM
Help my team. (Archived)DIVINExFABLE511/3 10:00PM
Breeding Phantump is killing children (Archived)
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RatheV1611/3 10:00PM
Breeding Question - What makes IV's perfect? (Archived)gbutters19711/3 9:59PM
I just watched a bunch of online commented battles on Youtube and... (Archived)
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Sirius1211/3 9:55PM
Stupid safari gabites keep using Take Down.. (Archived)pichu_assasin711/3 9:54PM
Let's talk competitive Gen 6 (Archived)exid11811/3 9:51PM
Why are your partners in the maison so creepy (Archived)Genericgamer667111/3 9:51PM
I do think this game falls short of the standards black 2 set (Archived)LightningAce11211/3 9:50PM
Stones Emporium Guy??? (Archived)mbarnes931711/3 9:50PM
Is attack and speed maxed EVs bad for Scizor? (Archived)Paranoia308411/3 9:48PM
Good EV spread for Tentacruel? (Archived)J_Applei411/3 9:46PM
What are you currently working on in pokemon x/y? (Archived)
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wesleyf253911/3 9:46PM
YR: GF introduces a 'Specs Orb' hold item. (Archived)quad_draxis311/3 9:46PM
Battle Maison Team Help (Archived)
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Travitops1511/3 9:45PM
Are we sure regular EV training stops at 252? (Archived)
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Sloth92301711/3 9:43PM