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uhhhg shiny chaining (Archived)FearAggression511/16/2013
Three full boxes and no shiny ponyta yet (Archived)
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C/D: The IV checker, daycare, and name rater... (Archived)sniper_zero611/16/2013
What team do you use? (Archived)Pikipants211/16/2013
What's the matter Valerie? (Archived)SwampertBadass511/16/2013
Masuda Method finally came through! Hatched a (nearly) perfect shiny Honedge! (Archived)
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Your favorite of the Sacred Swords(Musketeer Quartet)? (Poll)
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I accidentally entered a high-ranked OU match with my joke NU team (Archived)
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Best nature for Zapdos? (Archived)beebarb511/16/2013
My latest batch of eggs got me 4 female Eevees and 1 male Eevee! (4/5IV parents) (Archived)king___mickey611/16/2013
after 4 hrs and still no 5 iv female (Archived)Dante2049111/16/2013
How do I get new hairstyles? (Archived)LightningAce11611/16/2013
hatched shiny litwick (Archived)TrickSlapper611/15/2013
No one understands Misty Terrain... (Archived)x_Paradise611/15/2013
We need a electric/dark type (Archived)Dante2049511/15/2013
Can somebody explain the massive hype around Greninja to me? (Archived)
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Pokemon W & Z? *spoilers* (Archived)
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So that's very useful. (Archived)
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*Squeaks* I love Shinies! <3 (Archived)KittyNamine911/15/2013
Can you use your battlebox for passerby battles? (Archived)Oreos74211/15/2013