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Do you agree on the Mawile Ban? (Poll)
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Pkmn1234358/26 3:51AM
Stats Vs Wild Shiny (Archived)Xdoop68/26 3:50AM
Can we all agree that Gen 5 had the ugliest looking Starter final evos? (Archived)
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o___Okami238/26 3:40AM
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Can someone help me with the pokemon news at a few hours? (Archived)nebula218/26 2:02AM
If people are so upset about pokemon being banned, why don't they play ubers? (Archived)LightningAce1128/26 1:59AM
Smogon has officially banned Mega Mawile (Archived)
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BestInTheWorId2138/26 1:29AM
Nuzlocke run! (Archived)Supes36108/26 1:03AM
think of a pokemon with more than 1-syllable in their name before you enter here (Archived)
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AlphaDrogon688/26 1:00AM
Heavy slam or iron head on mega Aggron in OU? (Archived)WaffleSenpai48/26 12:21AM
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Gyro Ball or Iron Head for Doublade in OU? (Archived)KyrieIrving78/26 12:08AM
Is This Game Too Easy? (Archived)
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SearchmanV16198/25 11:50PM
Masuda Method without Shiny Charm (Archived)greatergrail28/25 11:22PM
This game is still easy with 6 Magikarps (Archived)MyWifeBeatsMe108/25 11:09PM