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The Zangoose bait topic. (Archived)
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SpecsDoubIade288/28 10:24AM
Pokebank + Alpha Sapphire question (Archived)
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cristiandcasa158/28 9:59AM
Poke Ball Vivillon available once again! (Archived)
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SuperTails360178/28 9:57AM
Round 1: Same type better pokemon (Poll)Fsufan1258/28 9:51AM
Trade Mega for Mega (Archived)Valdrix128/28 9:48AM
What if you saw Gardevoir in real life? (Archived)Muffinz0rz88/28 9:23AM
regular Venusaur still viable? (Archived)
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Baze82148/28 9:21AM
Team around weezing and mamoswine? (Archived)Un0rthad0Xx38/28 9:02AM
VGC Pachi pics (Archived)Takarimon18/28 8:31AM
Which color Pokemon are the best? (Poll)
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Nanahara715118/28 8:25AM
What if you saw Giovanni in real life (Archived)_Tappor_2108/28 8:20AM
What if you saw Skyla in real life? (Archived)
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hodelino168/28 8:19AM
Is this bold baltoy worth keeping? (Archived)pmaster48/28 7:52AM
Well, I guess the transporter hack checks did get beefed up. (Archived)
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SorrySleeping118/28 7:50AM
Powersaves stuck on Downloading Save. Help! (Archived)GillianSeed2338/28 7:28AM
Is my Arceus and Victini hacked? (Archived)
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IreneGirl12118/28 6:48AM
What if you saw Professor Oak in real life (Archived)
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MyWifeBeatsMe148/28 6:10AM
What if you saw a Scizor in real life (Archived)
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LilWayneUchiha118/28 5:44AM
Pokemon being the same each gen is a bad excuse. (Archived)BigTepig48/28 5:30AM
Do you want to see a Pokemon stadium game for Pokemon X/Y? (Poll)
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_Perfectionist248/28 4:22AM