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I'm afraid one of my favorite pokemon will never get a mega form... (Archived)HopesNo1Fan711/12/2013
What's wrong with the RNG in this game? (Archived)
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What's the point of Rotation Battles if.... (Archived)Aldath1011/12/2013
Egg moves for Crawdaunt? (Archived)NessEggman511/12/2013
What causes people to rebel against fan-made restrictions for competition? (Archived)
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So, Blaziken has been banned... (Archived)
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Something I noticed... (Slight spoilers, I guess?) (Archived)kitsuru411/12/2013
can somebody please add me!!!.... 3ds friends list! (Archived)jessietwjg111/12/2013
In-game stats (Archived)archie44311/12/2013
FT: Shiny Delphox LF: Charizardite Y (Archived)SkyLove1211/12/2013
when does rayquaza evolve into caterpie (Archived)
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Got my first shiny i WANTED (Archived)zombiabsol311/12/2013
If I have a ditto with perfect IVs, how easy would it be to breed perfect mon? (Archived)
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What is going on when someone has the "..." speech bubble on the PSS? (Archived)Pervert_Kuhn511/12/2013
What are some good priority physical users? (Archived)lufia22111/12/2013
Dat feel when you ****-block the Sheer Cold/Fissue Walrein in Battle Maison (Archived)azn_riza_000511/12/2013
Adamant Eevee w/Choice Band, Adaptability, and Last Resort... (Archived)
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If I format my 3ds and pick a foreign region, will (Archived)piplupmaster411/12/2013
Soo help on this team's moveset? (Archived)gna647111/12/2013
Where do i get mega evolution stones? (Archived)WiltISdaBEST311/12/2013