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Can you like, yoink O-Powers from your friends? (Archived)Shigmiya64110/28 8:25PM
Trying to super-train anything but HP with a slow Pokemon is a nightmare. (Archived)ShadowMaster6841010/28 8:24PM
Do we get EV's from catching pokemon? (Archived)Sloth9230310/28 8:24PM
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Legendary Bird Issues (Archived)DGAFPolar410/28 8:17PM
I suck at Pokemon :/ (Archived)Geminia999410/28 8:17PM
To Hackers and Legit.. (Archived)
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Nado615910/28 8:16PM
where can I buy honey (Archived)Lucas217510/28 8:15PM
Why are you so upset with Pokegen? (Archived)
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Dark_Zoroark1810/28 8:14PM
What is IV that everyone is talking about? (Archived)thu3456410/28 8:12PM
Charizard/Blastoise/Vensaur-ite Stones? (Archived)WhoIsJewlz210/28 8:12PM
*Insert famous person here* wants to battle! (Archived)
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aliashubbatch5410/28 8:11PM
The amount of form-changing items they have now is hilarious (Archived)ThatKipp1010/28 8:09PM
What's a good set up for a Trick Room Magcargo? (Archived)random_man9119410/28 8:08PM
Need Help with Hatching O-Power (Archived)nogen12710/28 8:08PM
So I have (Ninetales), Slugma, and Ponyta in my safari (Archived)
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Speedlot9410/28 8:08PM
New to competitive battling, EV Question (Archived)Saikon4404410/28 8:08PM
USA Eevee and JPN Eevee works for Masuda Method, right? (Archived)ChicagoTed_210/28 8:06PM
Rise of Pikablu (Archived)FrostMeister810/28 8:03PM