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watch me get pwned battle video thread (Archived)SolRiver311/13/2013
Is Scizor still good without mega-evolving? (Archived)
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Question about breeding HA's (Archived)Crayonmuffin311/13/2013
Does your boss know you play this game? (Archived)eellliioottt611/13/2013
State Pokemon: Poll 7: Mississippi (Archived)
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Does Marvel Scale becomes Multiscale when Dragonair evolves (Archived)marioparty17511/13/2013
Pronunciation Poll: Kyurem (Poll)
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guess the pokemon i am thinking of (Archived)
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"New" to Pokemon, could use some team suggestions/input... (Archived)
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Does this Nuzlocke variant sound interesting? (Poll)
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I only ever trade my leftovers from breeding on Wonder Trade. (Archived)hikaru_beoulve411/13/2013
Fastest way to increase happiness? (Archived)
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Mewtwo help (Archived)mlahodik911/13/2013
Help with a Mega-Scizor moveset and EV Spread? (Archived)SOAD5657411/13/2013
"Your Pokemon prefer to play with others, rather than with eachother." (Archived)
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Pumpkaboo size question (Archived)Chickensrule7811/13/2013
HO. LY. CRAP. That was one epic battle. (Archived)
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Reckon anything will be announced in this Nintendo Direct for Pokemon (Archived)GilgameshSwords811/13/2013
Recommend an item. (Archived)plasmawisp1713211/13/2013
I found a random Friend Safari with Japanese Text (Archived)JUGUN111/13/2013