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I still don't know my way around Luminoise City (Archived)
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cocomunga218/25 7:06AM
how to breed a Venusaur that can be used as mega and regular? (Archived)Baze8298/25 7:00AM
Is the statement that "Powersaves users get an advantage" true now? (Archived)
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PokemonFan1294518/25 6:43AM
I need a nickname for my bisharp (Archived)
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MagicZangoose388/25 6:42AM
How is Breloom so SLOW!? (Archived)
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TheShinyTrader758/25 6:05AM
Shiny horde Psyduck with 4IV (Archived)Dark04Saturn88/25 6:02AM
What does this board think of pokemon bridged by 1kids? (Archived)ReaccuringExtra98/25 5:28AM
Anyone know any reason I can't send these Genned Legends (Archived)
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kagenoronin87168/25 5:11AM
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Question (Archived)Pokefan058/25 4:10AM
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