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If I traded my Charizardite Y, is there no way to get it back? (Archived)forest_wanderer311/11/2013
So what are the odds of finding a shiny in the friend safari? (Archived)FizzyFloat311/11/2013
My shiny Mega Bannette! (Archived)SirPikachu511/11/2013
Went to the Glittering Cave looking for a Thunderstone and ended up with a... (Archived)
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how do you teach a charizard air slash? (Archived)zquabez311/11/2013
I honestly don't think GF will be remaking Gen 3 (Archived)360pages111/11/2013
should gamefreak make an option for online inverse battles (Poll)
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Which Pokemon's cry got ruined the most? (Archived)
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Question about EV build (Archived)Takumi3000311/11/2013
Why is Mega Charizard special? (Archived)
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I suck. did u suck when u first started playin competitively? (Archived)
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The daily Anistar TM Girl: Is there a list? (Archived)Saintpara411/11/2013
Did the destiny knot mechanic start this gen? (Archived)RemixDeluxe811/11/2013
One month later: How many hours have you put into the game? (Poll)
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Pokemon live action movie (Archived)DarkRoad06211/11/2013
ugh am I doing something wrong? cant get 31 IVs in HP!!! (Archived)ManuKesna711/11/2013
Is every Kalos Dex Pokemon seeable via trainers? (Archived)King_of_Flan411/11/2013
How about an Ogre Pokemon. (Archived)
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What are the odds of catching a 4 IV Ditto? (Archived)
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Nearly have a perfect Carbink (Archived)GeminiDeus911/11/2013