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Preferred ability for Volcarona? (Archived)SaintValiance811/12/2013
What are you doing right now? (Archived)
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Is Lapras a good wall online? (still trying to find the perfect wall/stall) (Archived)Deamonwarrior211/12/2013
think we will get more fusion pokemon like Kyurem fusing with Zekrom and Resh (Archived)darkphoenix181611/12/2013
Assualt vest or leftovers for goodra? (Archived)Jimmy_Novak311/12/2013
State Pokemon: Poll 2: Florida (Archived)
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Radar shiny hunters, what's the most amount of time it has took you post-40? (Archived)Aeuiouio111/12/2013
Which status effect angers you the most? (Poll)
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So, what's your favourite new pokemon? (Archived)
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is it possible for Shedinja to get Swords Dance in X/Y? (Archived)Mike0529311/12/2013
Do you ever get a better way of backtracking aside from your feet? (Archived)abbeldydoo311/12/2013
Rate my Team! V.1 (Archived)Emi3280811/12/2013
Anyone else feel sorry for their pokemon when they skate around? (Archived)
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Sephiroth C Ryu1611/12/2013
Mega Tyranitar or Mega Mawile for sand team? (Archived)TJDNA911/12/2013
how long till a megazord voltron devastator pokemon? (Archived)
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Breeding questions (Archived)PhiferWulf611/12/2013
Your reaction when you found out your Friend Safari pokemon? (Archived)
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After one month of playing this game I finally got my mega ring (Archived)RemixDeluxe711/12/2013
Are the Orre games even considered canon? (Archived)
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Rate this Team (my friend's team) (Archived)iRaithYou711/12/2013