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A team based on Super Training bags (Archived)
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Let me make sure I got this ridiculous breeding chain right... (Archived)Lucidious89411/12/2013
Do you consider Rotom a Legendary (Archived)
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Stealth Rock Donphan (Archived)Gogito4511/12/2013
Can a pokemon learn more than 1 breeding move? (Archived)Jedthehead91611/12/2013
Quickest way to get level 100 Pickup users? (Archived)CarefreeDude711/12/2013
I really do feel like I'm learning how to battle competitively (Archived)
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What's a good setup for Goodra? (Archived)Rouenne811/12/2013
Daycare center question (Archived)BladeDog911311/12/2013
What am I doing wrong? (Pokeradar question) (Archived)FefnirOmega13211/12/2013
Mega Ring Location (Archived)BeyondKrayzie211/12/2013
Is there an easy way to reset a single stat for an EV? (Archived)That_70s_show811/12/2013
Can you do inverse battles with other people? (Archived)newer_LIE111/12/2013
uber kangaroo (Archived)adece91711/12/2013
I could see Exploud totally wrecking with some Baton Pass support (Archived)DexterTheThird511/12/2013
Dream World (Archived)Zarathix411/12/2013
What is your latest shiny and what did you do with it? (Archived)
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Would anyone be interested in 4/5/6 IVs after i have breed my pokemon? (Archived)
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List good Utility pokemon (Archived)TheResidentEvil1011/12/2013
tell me if grass is such an HORRIBLE typing, according to MOST, then why was... (Archived)
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