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I think Dragonite will be in Pokken Tournament. (Archived)Michael-Ike-978/31 6:10AM
After 2642 eggs in my search for a competitive shiny Phantump... (Archived)
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Megumi sama168/31 5:47AM
LF Quick Feet Shroomish/Technician Breloom (Archived)Funkenwolf28/31 5:07AM
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spooky96178/31 4:43AM
Sixth member of my team? (Archived)IreneGirl1238/31 4:31AM
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LightningAce11218/31 4:13AM
What should I evolve Timid Eevee into? (Archived)
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IreneGirl12118/31 4:11AM
Did I ever tell you just how much I love Charizard? (Archived)Garr-108/31 3:24AM
What is your favorite dual typing? (Archived)
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LightningAce11398/31 3:22AM
Help with Stall-Wall Mega Venusaur EV spread? (Archived)normalguydan38/31 2:54AM
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Do the hearts on a Pokemon in Pokemon Amie ever drop if you stop interacting? (Archived)xxgamer91xx28/31 2:17AM
Does Cute charm affect day care eggs? (Archived)fedartz28/31 2:14AM