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Did you know a female Pokemon Trainer created the Slaking+Cofagrigus strategy? (Archived)
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TeachMeMsLitchi248/29 9:51AM
Smogon is the best Pokemon ever (Archived)Garr-58/29 9:48AM
Breeding held items. (Archived)Earthshaker88/29 9:38AM
Should I buy this or wait for Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire? (Archived)RFCryan98/29 9:37AM
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YR: Serperiors HA release (Poll)
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hodelino218/29 9:07AM
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Reflection Cave (Archived)
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Fennyariel278/29 8:53AM
Your all-inclusive guide to forcing ragequits. Video evidence. (Archived)Muffinz0rz48/29 8:22AM
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So how many new places will Pokemon Z bring? (Archived)hodelino48/29 7:59AM
just hatched a perfect flabebe (Archived)
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WaffleSenpai278/29 7:54AM
Round 2 same type better pokemon (Poll)Fsufan1258/29 7:23AM
Reminder. Pokeball Vivillon mystery gift started today for Europe (Archived)WorldTrader28/29 6:59AM
So i got fairy friend safrari, which pokemon are rare out of fairy friend safari (Archived)JakeDorazio28/29 6:46AM
Having to make a heartbreaking decision... (Poll)
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TheFeralWarrior118/29 6:38AM