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Talonflame circlejerk (Archived)
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Rzul1811/7 6:27PM
Watching the diglett episode of pokemon annnnnd (Archived)ktbandit211/7 6:24PM
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Breeding 4 IV with a 5 IV chances for 5 IV (Archived)Thanh76111/7 6:23PM
I have been playing religiously since Red/Blue and have never seen a shiny. (Archived)
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RaabHimself692111/7 6:23PM
when are the getting the inevitable item... (Archived)game_pro232211/7 6:23PM
Did I just hatch a shiny Froakie? (Archived)
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TheTitan992211/7 6:22PM
Does anyone know how to get... (Archived)vinhamon111/7 6:22PM
How exactly do I catch the legendary bird in my game? (Archived)BigDaddyWingnut311/7 6:22PM
Optimal Elite 4 Pokes (possible spoilers) (Archived)epitomizer1511/7 6:18PM
Worst Pokemon to run into in the wild (Archived)
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Valentino162211/7 6:17PM
Masuda Method... Method? (Poll)K_of_Spades311/7 6:16PM
Meowstic F moveset? (Archived)dryingpan101711/7 6:15PM
Trading name change help? (Archived)LoveSquirtle211/7 6:14PM
Suicide lead Galvantula (Archived)
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krystyla1911/7 6:12PM
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AIvinn1511/7 6:11PM
Man I really underestimated Furfuro. Also, how do I upload battle videos online? (Archived)-Unowninator-1011/7 6:10PM
Wonder Trading Issue, HELP PLEASE! (Archived)ajaxtaur711/7 6:09PM
Need help filling the last two spots on my team for Wi-Fi (Archived)Kazagin_211/7 6:08PM
I like my new Flareon. (Archived)
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Mattata51711/7 6:06PM