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question about Ageislash being 0 speed (Archived)
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Bryanlicious1110/31 11:03AM
Oh my god I just made this amazing comeback (Archived)AsciiRocks110/31 11:03AM
[GTS] Yveltal for Rattata. (Archived)
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Neko_Means_Cat1310/31 11:03AM
help evo pumkinboo ( no ansers on the trading board) (Archived)hesu2000110/31 11:01AM
What are the ideal IVs and EVs for the following Pokemon? (Archived)SSBBSB810/31 10:59AM
Assault vest question (Archived)jolteonsock310/31 10:59AM
Would this team have to many Sweepers? (Archived)pkmn_ballah610/31 10:58AM
move set for assault vest T-tar and Mega Gengar (Archived)yamilonewolf410/31 10:55AM
Getting my ass kicked by all these NPC fighting pokemon (Archived)HappyUnicorn101310/31 10:51AM
Are the Choice items the main culprit of the game's imbalance? (Archived)
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barreldragon881810/31 10:49AM
How would I go about getting Baton Pass on Torchic? (Archived)Postaga510/31 10:48AM
Whats the best Ghost/ psycic type ? (Archived)
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webbydan1310/31 10:47AM
Team Aqua and Team Magma were the most unified organizations (Archived)
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MultiShadow1012110/31 10:46AM
Should i quit my fishing chain? (Archived)
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salim1181181110/31 10:45AM
Suggest two last members for my team, and Rate It. (Archived)
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RotomGuy31810/31 10:41AM
Shiny dilemma (Archived)
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dire_x1510/31 10:36AM
So the move Reminder teaches egg moves, but do they teach pre-evo moves now? (Archived)ClassyOldHat510/31 10:36AM
Any competitive use for a Calm shiny Larvesta? (Archived)BlueSilver205410/31 10:34AM
Why can't two Dittos breed? (Archived)SSBBSB1010/31 10:33AM
How do you breed the Fang moves and Dragon Dance on to Tyrantrum? (Archived)MegaLucario910/31 10:33AM