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Do game saves go to the cartridge or the SD card? (Archived)Kia123Amini411/5/2013
one thing's for sure... (Archived)MaruKazeryu111/5/2013
How long does raining last? (trying to level EVs with sweet scent) (Archived)Paranoia308211/5/2013
What is the point of the new method of breeding? (Archived)Pikassassin211/5/2013
Seem like a good team? (Archived)zero_beast111/5/2013
Finaly!... I caught my first shiny (Archived)euklb311/5/2013
Is it possible to breed Prankster onto Volbeat/Illumise? (Archived)SpacePirateKhan511/5/2013
MegaGarbodor has to be Poison/Steel. It just has to be. (Archived)FryDays5000811/5/2013
quick question about egg moves (Archived)ssmiroku211/5/2013
tips on setting up for iv breeding? (Archived)eclipse_exe1011/5/2013
after the game is completed, (Archived)santimari211/5/2013
Keep This Klekfi? (Archived)Tasty_Soup211/5/2013
What's the pentagon to the left of the other 5 markings on the status screen? (Archived)
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What do you think of this Dragonite build? (Archived)henrythefish96311/5/2013
Epic fail or not? (Archived)Decto712111/5/2013
Wait people actually liked Hugh? (Archived)
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Communication error has occurred. (Archived)Xerathyn311/5/2013
Question about some pokes (availability) (Archived)inviso87311/5/2013
How long does it usually take to get 5 perfect IVs? (Archived)
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Cant find a good use for reuniclus. Need advice! (Archived)Josebautista583511/5/2013