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Valerie appreciation topic (Archived)
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I'm I the only one who sometimes leave the starter behind? (Archived)
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Wolowitz2510/30 3:17PM
Does a hit on Substitute pop an Air Balloon? (Archived)freeze_ray510/30 3:16PM
Man Breeding for IVS can stink if Female hatch percent is Low (Archived)rickimaru610/30 3:15PM
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Best place to get Chesto berries en masse? (Archived)forest_wanderer710/30 3:12PM
Hackers are finally competing on a fair playing field with new breeding changes. (Archived)
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XxMaNtiSaixX50010/30 3:11PM
Protean question.. (Archived)joey11223110/30 3:11PM
from the past (Archived)kakashibob2510/30 3:10PM
which pokemon would you lick (Archived)
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NME_Enterprises5010/30 3:10PM
Lucario and Scizor in the same team? (Archived)Neil_Machine310/30 3:09PM
Best EVs, nature and moveset for a Tyranitar? (Archived)gumir210/30 3:09PM
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should i use talonflame? (Archived)davinthegreat98310/30 3:08PM