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A Froakie just attacked before my Mega-Absol. What happened? (Archived)
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gamezrochard1510/25 1:03AM
So if 2 IV's are guaranteed to be perfect in the Friend Safari, (Archived)Nobody_of_Sora810/25 1:03AM
Has anyone caught a HA Smoochum? (Archived)crescent33110/25 12:57AM
Battle maison AI scaling (Archived)dierave810/25 12:57AM
Hidden Abilities in Friend Safari? (Archived)gules222210/25 12:56AM
Would you say Noivern looks like... (Archived)Reno_Tarshil110/25 12:55AM
2 Greninjas in the team (Archived)krystyla1010/25 12:52AM
What IVs for Modest Cute Charm Sylveon (Archived)
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MarvelMills1210/25 12:51AM
bounce gyarados (Archived)arceus_mewtwo610/25 12:51AM
Vivillon forms? (Archived)SocksFromWok710/25 12:51AM
Map Request (Archived)Fennyariel210/25 12:50AM
What's your best chain of trades on the GTS? (Archived)HardHorseJam210/25 12:48AM
Scizor Set (Archived)PkmnMasterJon610/25 12:47AM
Feint Attack (Archived)TherianReturns310/25 12:46AM
Request: Safari should have it's own sub-board. (Archived)Zero97210/25 12:42AM
I do believe I have the most disgustingly cute Friend Safari possible. (Archived)
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ShadowMaster6841310/25 12:41AM
Multi Battles with Random Passerby's are great. (Archived)RotomGuy3310/25 12:41AM
What do you guys do with your extra IV bred pokemons once you pick (Archived)PlatinumSaysHi910/25 12:41AM
Can you cheat in this game? (Archived)
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Dark2221310/25 12:34AM
Mr. Bonding is NOT showing up at Cafe Introversion. (Archived)
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holysquid1310/25 12:34AM