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These fists tell a story! It's a story of love and friendship! (Archived)Pocketkoi411/5/2013
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Shuckle: The Ultimate Troll (Archived)
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Does battlling hordes give better stats? (Archived)InVigor8211/5/2013
More Friends = Greater Shiny Chance in Safari? (Archived)TheSuperiorGuy311/5/2013
i wish pokemon showdown has a no rule battle option (Archived)terraXnort311/5/2013
Rate my hail team. (Archived)
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So I wanna breed a shiny Goodra... (Archived)illusivedude411/4/2013
Doublade's fav nature vs Aegislash (Archived)Nomorice4U111/4/2013
Malva appreciation topic. (Archived)
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I now hate shines. Release, Wonder Trade or normal trade? (Archived)
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Breeding question (ability related) (Archived)Midnighthobo89111/4/2013
Should I keep this Charmander? (IVs) (Archived)
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Online Battle: I get screwed over but somehow turn it into a blessing! (Archived)AscendancyMM411/4/2013
Is it just me or that some pokemon take longer to evolve? (Archived)
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Question about breeding. Please help! (Archived)Pikiwallabeeee511/4/2013
Brave Chespin. Should I keep? (Archived)TimidTaguel911/4/2013