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Looking for shiny pokemon!!! (Archived)
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ironsoccer1210/30 5:51PM
Has anyone else gotten amazing things from Wonder Trade? (Archived)
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SA_X_Mk_II2510/30 5:50PM
Good moveset for Mawile? (Archived)zelionx610/30 5:47PM
hatched a perfect egg for volcaronaw with HP dragon (Archived)snsste710/30 5:47PM
Suggestion for a Pokemon that can use Water+Electric well? (Archived)
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Dark_Ares1710/30 5:47PM
Destiny Knot and Power Items Synergize? (Archived)crimsonsigma96210/30 5:46PM
New bug or I'm just unlucky. (Archived)
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brinetold2010/30 5:41PM
Does anyone know where the Focus Blast TM is? (Archived)illusivedude310/30 5:40PM
Ever see a Sudowoodo in a Trevenant horde? (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman4110/30 5:40PM
How to check evs? (Archived)Ivysuar510/30 5:40PM
Damn, Heliolisk is too frail D: (Archived)
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Sloth92301710/30 5:39PM
Nearly bred a perfect Heracross, but I suck. Help? (Archived)ChocoboDreams910/30 5:38PM
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