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I never liked Spinda, but I love it now that I saw it moving in 3D (Archived)
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Twilight_Sonata1210/25 6:18AM
Aegislash = Uber (Archived)
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wwwgippal23410/25 6:18AM
Best way to get a shiny? (Archived)
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Kryssium1410/25 6:16AM
All battle portraits? (Archived)BabyQuail110/25 6:15AM
Am I not breeding correctly? (Archived)Tesseus510/25 6:12AM
People online are so lame/ (Archived)x_Paradise810/25 6:11AM
Dittos don't breed with eachother right? (Archived)giants9281310/25 6:09AM
Aegislash: well, this is interesting. (Archived)rontifu110/25 6:09AM
Can you get spikes and stealth rock onto a Tyranitar? (Archived)ReiNoKato210/25 6:09AM
GameFreak update the game to Pokemon X and Y 1.0 to 1.1 (Archived)Hoozah123610/25 6:08AM
How many battle videos can we have? (Archived)pmaster310/25 6:06AM
What shall I do? (Archived)
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DarkRoad065810/25 6:01AM
Hawlucha! (Archived)
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RynnTheDark1210/25 5:59AM
Theres a patch for Lumiose city now but I have a question (Archived)pmaster710/25 5:58AM
can houndoom learn .... (Archived)721sushi510/25 5:52AM
How do you prepare to face Mega Pokemon Online? (Archived)jb08045410/25 5:51AM
Hawlucha's going for the top rope... Is he? No, it can't be, IT CAN'T BE... (Archived)
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sonofkorol1510/25 5:50AM
Any Goomy EGG MOVES I should look out for? (Archived)Kapuxa210/25 5:50AM
Ferrothorn breeding moves question (Archived)AkumaBison510/25 5:48AM
Be sure to patch your game!! (Archived)
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MikeAtTheSource1110/25 5:48AM