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Kee Berry (Archived)
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upinout2022410/28 9:12AM
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All hail Goomy (Archived)
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Loremas18611810/28 9:08AM
It's a good thing most people who bring legendaries to random fights suck (Archived)
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Duthos1710/28 9:08AM
help me with my team moves (Archived)
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tiamat9991310/28 9:07AM
Can Gogoat get grassy terrain as an egg move? (Archived)EKnight_107310/28 9:07AM
ideas for last pokemon slot (Archived)JPHL610/28 9:06AM
Just wasted my time checking damage calcs for Talonflame. (Archived)WellThoughtName1010/28 9:06AM
What do you think of that announcement for the Pikachu Detective game? (Archived)GoGoat110/28 9:04AM
Let me tell you about my white Staryu, Winter... (Archived)BossBang510/28 9:02AM
You think this is a good idea? (Archived)mumpsy21610/28 9:01AM
Help for 6th pokemon (Archived)
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Archwing34411110/28 9:01AM
Mawile or Klefki? (Archived)RedRiolu4471010/28 8:59AM
Pokemon Adventures/Special X and Y (Archived)Takethatback110/28 8:57AM
Nurse Joy just told me Happy Birthday!!! (Archived)Adrasak610/28 8:55AM
So Seismic toss mega khan ? (Archived)
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gamepimp121710/28 8:55AM
Something that REALLY frustrates me about breeding this gen... (Archived)vohnie910/28 8:54AM
So I finally reached 40... (Archived)xXdarkXshadowXx310/28 8:54AM
what do you do after elite 4? (Archived)RedDragonFB55610/28 8:54AM