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Can Armaldo learn Aqua Tail this Gen? (Archived)sajoir2611/5/2013
The Elite Four was a joke (Archived)
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Talonflame EVS (Archived)metalboomario211/5/2013
Pokemon you immediately fell in love with at first sight. (Archived)
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Superpower on Scizor? (Archived)chronosilly22511/5/2013
Did anyone catch this at the end of the game? (Obviously Spoilers) (Archived)K3fk4711/5/2013
For 23 days I've been breeding Gastlys to get a shiny one... and then... (Archived)
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Where is the Beauty with Destiny Knot in Lumiose City (Archived)OverkillEX511/5/2013
Best nature for Larvesta out of these two (Archived)glowling611/5/2013
Why is this game so popular? (Archived)
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Should I keep this Mewtwo? (Archived)
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How bad are neutral natures for battle? (Archived)gna647711/5/2013
Has anyone else been trying to figure out new egg moves for Electrike? (Archived)Gameandwatch2111/5/2013
Is there a way to REbattle trainers? (Archived)alienfreaks04211/5/2013
Getting Scope Lens from Shutterbug Cafe (Archived)
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Should I Keep this 5 IV Mewtwo? (Archived)SEGAMew911/5/2013
Dragon types were just too powerful. :/ (Archived)
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Whoa. Just bred a 6 IV male Larvitar. Wonder what I should breed with it? (Archived)-Unowninator-1011/5/2013
Do you think it's possible to "recreate" the entire Mother series using Pokemon? (Archived)ReachOutToTruth1011/5/2013
Finding a Lapras (Archived)Bonsai_Tree911/5/2013